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Gift Guide 2020: Hercules DJ

Gift Guide 2020: Hercules DJ

We round up some of the best gifts from Hercules DJ for this Xmas 

Hercules DJ Inpulse500
Hercules DJ Inpulse500

Hercules DJ is one of our favourites when it comes to affordable DJ gear. While they might not compete in the pro DJ booth, they’re one of the most popular brands in the world when it comes to learning how to DJ on a budget. Their kit includes everything from entry-level fun portable DJ hardware to fully functioning, well-built controllers with unique features for DJs who are just starting out. They’ve also got accessories like headphones, their own DJ software DJUCED and even party-starting kits and lights. We decided to collect some great options for this Xmas, either for a young beginner who’s keen to get started on their DJing road or for seasoned home DJ who’s looking to upgrade. Dig in below.  

Hercules DJ HDP DJ60 Headphones | £54.99
Hercules’s HDP DJ60 headphones are a perfect upgrade for anyone still using basic cans for their DJ setup, or to prepare for their first gigs of 2021. They feature a foldable ear pad and a coiled cable for zero tangles. There are also comfy ear pads with good sound isolation so you can hear exactly what you’re doing in the booth or the mix. 

Hercules DJControl Starlight | £69
Whether it’s your first ever DJ controller or you’re looking for something to record and prepare sets while on the road, the DJControl Starlight is a great option. It’s small enough to fit in any backpack but still features enough control for basic mixing, including a volume knob, crossfader, mini jog wheels, tempo fader and performance pads. It’s USB powered so you can plug straight in on a bus or a train, or at a house party and it’s got a fun coloured RGB LED base that can strobe with the music to help you learn how to mix. It comes with Serato Lite to give any new DJ a solid upgrade path once they’re ready to take things further. 

Hercules DJ InPulse 500 | £279
Released earlier this year, the InPulse 500 is one of the most impressive all-around DJ controllers on the market. Its build quality is very high, and it features excellent jog wheels and more traditional features, alongside more unique touches like Beat Align guide, with arrows that light up green to show you which direction to push or pull your jog wheels. There’s also an aux input that runs through the filter so you can play and effect music straight through the unit without a computer. Retractable feet raise the unit up to the same height as pro kit and there are balanced outputs round back to use it with a pro soundsystem. We loved it when we reviewed it in the summer, which you can watch below.