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Edited Arts

The new adaptation of Robert Louis Stevenson's classic story will debut at Edinburgh's Leith Theatre in February

Diessa dances between Room 1 and Room 2 dance music on her new EP for London’s Edited Arts. Hear the sizzling syncopated rhythms of ‘slavski kolac’ now

London label Edited Arts launches new charity compilation project, Endorphins, with 12 cathartic club cuts. Hear the erupting percussion and electrifying sirens of Hard Fantasy’s ‘Body Prison’ now

Mutate3k - Static - EA003 - Album Artwork .jpg
Mutate3k - Static - EA003 - Album Artwork .jpg

London experimental music platform Edited Arts readies its third release, mutate3k’s ‘Static’. Hear the spellbinding title track, featuring PAN affiliate Kareem Lotfy, now

A guide to dance music's pre-rave past...

‘Voodoo Ray’ man collabs with rave author at Manchester literary music fest