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Watch The Best Point Blank Masterclasses All in One Place

Watch The Best Point Blank Masterclasses All in One Place


If you’re on the hunt for a constant stream of rewarding and insightful content, look no further. Point Blank have just announced that they’ve created a new space to house all of their industry masterclasses.

Over the last year, whilst the majority of their events were hosted predominantly online, Point Blank shot, edited and shared all of these exclusive masterclasses with the world, ready to be viewed by aspiring artists and those invested in joining the music industry, wherever and whenever they need. Introducing the new Point Blank Masterclass hub – a host to the most inspiring content you’ll need.

From track breakdowns with chart-topping artists and experienced music managers to famous entertainers and the brains behind a wealth of musical operations, you can tune in to all of it here. Want to get a feel for what it’s all about? Then check out their showreel and be sure to head on over to the main page for more.

If you’re looking for in-depth insights into music production or DJing, singing, songwriting, music business and more? Then check out Point Blank’s LondonOnline and Los Angeles programmes. Plus, get 25% off selected London, Online and LA courses before their offer ends on 30th June with the codes: LONDON25, ONLINE25 and LA25.

Feeling inspired? Load up your DAW and get stuck into some music. Need some help with anything production-based? Check out their online courses, which feature exclusive 1-2-1s, masterclasses, production tutorials, career opportunities, feedback sessions and more.