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UK bouncers to receive counter-terrorism training

UK bouncers to receive counter-terrorism training

“Vigilance in the public space is critical…”

UK bouncers are being examined as a source of “untapped potential” in assistance to UK police departments and their counter-terrorism efforts. The statement, via a London police chief, arrives after high-profile shootings in nightlife settings across the globe.

"Vigilance in the public space is critical and there are many, many more private security guards out there than there are police officers," mentioned the head of national counterterrorism policing in the UK, Mark Rowley, during last week’s National Security Summit. “We are looking at how we train them more effectively to be a better part of the national armoury that we have against terrorism."

The intent of the training would not be for the private sector to replace police activities, but to better equip these individuals to spot suspicious activity and respond to an act of violence including how to handle attackers with bombs, firearms and other weapons.

According to The Metro, under an initiative by the National Counter Terrorism Security Office (NACTSO), some bouncers have had already had terrorism awareness training voluntarily.

Read the full report here.

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