With Miller Genuine Draft

Radiology - Made With Hardwell - Miller Genuine Draft Remix Competition
Radiology - Made With Hardwell - Miller Genuine Draft Remix Competition

Croatian production duo, Radiology, have been selected by Hardwell as the winners of his ‘Mad World’ Remix competition, with Miller Genuine Draft. We met the guys to break the good news...

Guys, massive congratulations on winning the ‘Mad World’ Remix Competition! How do you feel after being announced as the winner?

“We have never felt so happy and euphoric! Music is what we love and what we have been doing for the past 6 years. This is like an acknowledgement for us that all these years of hard work are finally paying off. We finally reached one of our milestones.  It feels just awesome and it's really motivating for us to continue to evolve and become even better producers.”

So tell us a bit about your history...

“Both of us started working with FL Studio about 6 years ago. At first we were pursuing our solo careers, then last year, Marko's cousin introduced us and we decided to work together. We started by releasing our first track ‘Electron’ as free download, which was immediately supported by Yves V on his V Sessions Radio Show. After that we experimented with some different styles and released ‘Trumpsta Freak’, also as a free download. Currently we are working on several projects and we are preparing big releases. The most interesting thing is how all of this has suddenly evolved to something really inspiring, creative and significant. We are a young duo with big dreams but this success really motivates us!”

Were you big fans of the original track?

“Definitely! The track is emotional with a powerful energy thanks to Hardwell's great production skills and Jake's superb vocal performance. We immediately wanted to remix it! When we saw this contest we decided to give it a go. It was obviously a great move!”

How did you approach the remix?

“We tried to keep the emotions of the original track, but give it our own touch. We filled the breaks with many different sounds to keep it melodic and make the transitions smooth but still keeping it strong with bigger synths, festival-friendly with more pumping energy.”

What was your creative process when making the remix?

“We started like we start every project, with the drop. When we were finally satisfied with the power of the drop, we moved onto the intro, breaks and other parts. The ideas were just coming one after another and after two weeks of work we had our first version, which we improved upon in a few days and submitted it for the competition.”

What was the most challenging part of the process?

“We love what we do and because of that we looked at every challenge as an opportunity to evolve and to learn something new.”

What did you want to achieve with the remix?

“We looked at this opportunity as a way to meet new and interesting people and we wanted to show our style and approach to music as well. What we wanted the most is to reach Hardwell and show him our production skills.”

Are you happy with the result?

“We were literally jumping with joy when we found out that we were picked as the winners! We were in a state of an indescribable euphoria. We are still feeling great because of that and we still can’t believe it’s really us. We want to thank Hardwell for exposing us to the world and for the opportunity to participate in this massive competition!”

So what’s next? Where is your career going from here?

“Our primary goal is to produce and to release all tracks we have been working on for last few months, grow a big fan base and after that, DJing will follow.”

Great. And finally, what would be your dream club or event to perform at?

“Our dream is to play at major festivals and big nightclubs. We want to see people partying and going wild listening to our tracks. We will give our best to achieve that. Some of our dream venues are Ushuaia Ibiza, UMF, Tomorrowland, Zrće in our homeland and, of course, Ultra Europe.”