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Posthuman, Mundo Muzique and Remute make the cut...

P Lopez & Octavio
P Lopez & Octavio

Having premiered their latest track 'Construction Technique' last week, DJ Mag thought it would be a great idea to get P. Lopez and Octavio (two thirds of Paraguayian DJ/production outfit LPZ) to use their extensive knowledge and crate-digging skills to select their top 10 acid and techno tracks. 

The duo's ' Construnction Technique EP' consists of four tracks of serious, upfront, uncompromising squelchy electronic business that have all been throughly roadtested in the duo's native Paraguay to rave reactions, and are now primed and ready to do the business on European dancefloors too.

The duo's Construction Technique EP is out 15th February via LPZ Records.

Philippe Petit ‘Attack’ 
"Frenchman Petit has been killing it with releases on his label DMT, this one in particular is a stone cold classic with the bass line and acid melody that comes in around 3:05."

Dax J 'Zion’ 
"Another big favourite of ours, it just has an excellent acid bassline and these heavy drums that complement each other perfectly. Works on the dancefloor every time!"

J-Zbel 'ZHF (Gale Mix)'
"With an EP titled 'How I Made My Mom & Sis' My Sexbot Slaves' it's difficult to not be curious about what J-Zbel''s music sounds like and they don't disappoint with the banger that is the Gale Mix of ZHF. The Poppers mix is equally as good but more on a jungle influenced tip whereas this is is pure breakbeat acid." 

Posthuman ‘We Are The City (I Love Acid)'
"It's fair to say that Posthuman are one of the best acid producers and evangelists around right now, what with their I love Acid parties, label and releases like this. This one is the big one from their latest EP on ILA, killer!"

LPZ ‘Think For Yourself (Body Work)'
"The previous track leads us on nicely to this, one of our own releases as LPZ (that is the 2 of us plus Cosmo Lopez) which was actually remixed by the aforementioned Posthuman. We love their remix but maybe because it's closer to home we think the original just tips it with those warm pads and the vocal sample. Sounded big at PBar last time we played live there!"

Remute - ‘Crackin' Skull (Abe Duque Remix)'
"This is a serious groover that has been doing some proper damage in our sets in Paraguay for a while now, we just love that 303 bass line and the percussion."

Marcellus Pittman ‘There's Somebody Out There’ 

"A slow one but what amazing atmosphere from the man Marcellus Pittman, that acidic bass line does it for us every time. It’s one to really let yourself get into too as it clocks in at over 10 minutes long."

TNT - ‘Analogue Acid Project’ (TNT)
"Cosmo (Lopez) got us onto this one, a great squelchy monster of a track from TNT, an alias of Soundmurderer and SK-1 of Rephlex and Planet Mu fame. Not for the fainthearted as it pounds!" 

Mundo Muzique ‘Acid Pandemonium’
"Right! Going back to basics with this one on the mighty R&S, we don't play this one out a lot but that doesn't mean we don't love it. Acid + Hoover = like being at a Belgian rave in the '90s."

Armando ‘Downfall’
"So we got to the end of our list but we thought we'd leave you with simply the best acid track ever. This has been on a few of our mixes already and a certain DJ called MCDE had in one of his mixes recently so it's getting quite popular. Thanks to Trax Records for re-pressing it on double loud vinyl, we absolutely love it!"