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Laurel Halo’s ‘Possessed’ score to get official release

Laurel Halo’s ‘Possessed’ score to get official release

The 13-track LP will be out on 10th April

Laurel Halo's debut film score will get an official vinyl release, via The Vinyl Factory, dropping Friday 10th April. 

'Possessed' is a film inspired by a 2018 essay of the same name. The film is by Metahaven and Rob Schroder, and produced by Dutch Mountain Film. 

Born in Detroit and now based in Berlin, Laurel Halo is an experimental electronic producer, composer and DJ with an innnovative voice who found a home for her debut album, 2012's 'Quarantine', with iconic UK underground label Hyperdub. A move into film scoring feels like the natural next step in her progression as a musician and composer. 

This is Laurel Halo's first foray into writing for the screen, and the score spans live, acoustic instrumentation and synthetic production, from folk on violin and piano to drone compositions, subterreanean watery palettes to classical piano mutations. 

Listen to 'Hyphae' below:


The full tracklist is here: 

1. Hyphae
2. Rome Theme I
3. Breath
4. Lead
5. Marbles
6. Rome Theme II
7. Zeljava
8. Last Seen
9. Rome Theme III
10. Cave Walk
11. Stabat Master (Excerpt) 
12. Masks

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