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Jay Clarke delivers a storming techno showcase on his Fresh Kicks mix

Jay Clarke delivers a storming techno showcase on his Fresh Kicks mix

Klockworks-affiliate drops bombs aplenty...

Jay Clarke shows why he's one of the UK's most exciting techno talents right now on his new mix for our Fresh Kicks series.

Originally from Essex but now based in London, Jay first made a splash with his track 'Entity' — released in 2015 on his own BLACKAXON label — drawing the interest of legendary Berghain resident Ben Klock, who signed Jay's next EP for his Klockworks label a year later.

The pair have stayed close, with Jay set to play the upcoming Klockworks takeover at Fabric on Saturday 16th September, and featuring on the upcoming Klockworks 20 compilation with his track 'Perdita'. Meanwhile, Jay has also prepped his latest BLACKAXON release 'Night City', due out later this month. 

In the studio and the booth — and likewise on his Fresh Kicks offering — Jay is considered in his approach, but unconstricted by stylistic boundaries, happy to mix nosebleed slammers with heady rollers and even more upbeat or electro efforts. Check out his mix and the full tracklist below for a taste of his techno eclecticism! 

The last record you bought?
"Dean Cole 'Way to Corrode'" 

Last film you saw?
"David Lynch: The Art of Life"

Last club you visited?
"Berghain — I last played there in June and once I had finished my set, I stayed there for some time!"

Last meal you ate?
"The Frenchie Bistro — confit duck burger with duck fat fries — it's incredible!!!!"

Last album you listened to in full?
"DEATHPROD 'Treetop Drive'"

Last mix you listened to? 
"Surgeon 'This Is For You Shits'. This is up there as one of my Top 10 mix CDs."

The person you would most like to play back-to-back with? 
"Trevino. We were due to play a gig together in Manchester in July, which I was going to suggest playing back-to-back all night. I was looking forward to that gig so much which unfortunately didn't happen. RIP Marcus." 

The last vinyl you spun? 
"Marcus Intalex & ST Files 'How You Make Me Feel'"

Last country you visited?

Last dream you remember?
"I was in a photographer's studio taking portraits of Paul Weller. Every time I tried to take a photo Paul's head exploded. The dream was me trying capture the perfect portrait of Paul's exploding. Every time I wasn't happy with the way his face was exploding so I kept trying and trying again. Such a surreal dream." 


Bjarki 'sluggish pads kid mistik2vist' [Unreleased]
Detroit In Effect 'There Ain't  No Future' [M.A.P Records]
Orbe 'De Felipe's World' [Hivern Discs]
Maurizio 'Ploy (UR Mix)' [Maurizio]
I/Y 'Spliced Universe' [I/Y]
DJ Bone 'Music (Trench's Still Here & Buckwild Remix)' [Subject Detroit]
Jay Clarke 'Untitled' [Unreleased]
Daniel Andreasson 'Mc35l# Rushup' [Skudge Records]
Nina Kraviz 'You Are Wrong' [трип]
Yant 'Inner Circle' [Unreleased]
Pacou 'Think Twice' [Tresor]
Marco Lenzi 'Intrinsic Radiance' [Molecular Recordings]
Steve Stoll 'Model T' [NovaMute]
RHYW 'Sylvan' [Avian]
Re_Axis 'You The Way (TWR72 Remix)' [Monocline Records]
Robert Hood 'Thought Process' [Dekmantel]
Yan Cook 'Indigo' [EarToGround]
Outline 'Untitled' [Metalbox]
Patrick Walker 'Turning Point' [Animal Farm]
Pacou 'Reactor' [Konsequent]
The Advent 'Don't You Try' [Masters of Disaster]
UVB 'Yours Truthly' [Body Theory]
Janice 'Measuring Misery In Importance' [Janice]

Ben Hindle is DJ Mag’s Clubs Editor and co-founder of DJ Mag Bunker. Follow him on Twitter here.