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History of Polish techno to be explored in new book

History of Polish techno to be explored in new book

A crowdfunder has been launched to ensure ‘30 Years of the Polish Techno Scene’ is published

A crowdfunder has been launched to publish a book about Poland's techno scene.

Launched by Radosław Tereszczuk, Artur Wojtczak and Łukasz Krajewski, three key members of Poland's techno scene, a crowdfunder has been set up to raise money to publish '30 Years Of The Polish Techno Scene' - the very first anthology of techno and the electronic music scene in Poland. 

Not just limited to techno, the book contains more than 700 pages, and is filled with photos and stories from those involved in the techno, house, and drum & bass scenes in Poland, past and present. 

"Although the political climate prevailing in Poland was sometimes bleak, we could learn in clubs what the community and ideals of equality mean in practice," the team behind the project shared, "And not to overdo it with drugs. The anthology combines the historical perspective - dates, places, names and biographies - with the individual experience of the authors invited to write the texts. It covers a wide spectrum of genres of less and more danceable electronic music - techno, trance, rave, dubstep, hardtek, house, drum'n’bass and so on.

It comprehensively presents the birth and development of the stage in Poland from 1989 until today. It includes music and clubbing in Warsaw, Gdańsk and Łódź, and seemingly smaller centers, such as Płock or Szczecin, and talks about events on beaches and in the forest."

You can read more about the crowdfunder, and donate to the project, here.

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