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Hip Hop & Trap - Single Reviews - 596

Singles - Hip Hop & Trap - Issue 596

Nah Eeto


Blah Records

Partly it's the mystery around Nah Eeto, the fact we know so little about her, that makes her recorded output so compelling. There's still something blank and uncommunicative about her music, helped here by a Lee Scott production that's murderously precise, bass heavy and just right. It's her unplaceability, the sense that like the rest of us, she's found herself stranded in a strange land, that makes 'Mafu' both so righteous and also so deliciously right not just for these times, but for an audience whose sense of place is similarly fragmented and scattershot right now. By some distance track of the month, I am GAGGING to hear an album from this genius.


'Any '

TSM Records

EVERY rapper now immediately gets christened 'the hardest out there' by the commentariat, but KO certainly agitates towards such status with this, his latest single and the first I've heard from him since last year's fab 'This Shits Ments' album. This monster ticks all the UK drill boxes I love: minimal gothic production, a bass so damn wobbly it's not quite grime, not quite dubstep, not quite hip-hop, and rhymes that care little about rhyming and more about putting across intent and intensity. Addictive like crisps. Get hooked.

Benny The Butcher

'Crowns For Kings feat Black Thought'

Black Soprano Family

DJ Shay lifts the groove from Al Green's 'Look What You've Done For Me', so you KNOW how molten and liquid this is going to sound, because Willie Mitchell and the Hi-Records sound is the greatest sample bank hip-hop has access to this side of JB, The Meters and P-Funk. A great cameo from Black Thought helps flesh out the grainy lyrical detail into something deeper and politically charged, the added live instrumentation from David Guy on trumpet and Ian Hendrickson Smith on sax really colour in the sepia and monochrome, and the album this single is lifted from, 'The Plugs I Met' is one of the finest of the year. Essential.

Bang On x Reklews

'Defo Not Normal '

Blah Records

Liverpool MC Bang On hooks up with fellow Blah reprobate Reklews to drop an EP that's a little bit hip-hop and whole lot unplaceable. The surprising development of these tracks shows an ambition you might not expect from Blah, but my favourite moments are when Reklews slows things down, reverbs the fuck out of the snares and creates these dread-suffused, strung out trappist bangers like 'Smokin Weed', or simply weirds out on his own Afro-futurist tip, as on the stunning 'No Graft No Gain'. As ever from Blah, it's not like you have a choice.

Whirlwind D

'Doin' It/Sometimes '

B-Line Recordings

Fab new little seven-inch from the man Whirlwind D, with production and cuts by Djar One and Specifik. 'Doin' It' sees Djar throwing down a hyperkinetic beat perfect for breaking, Spec's cuts adding to the sense of unstoppable propulsion, D spitting a righteous celebration of his love for hip-hop, his heroes and his undying B-boy commitment. On the flip, there's a slightly more laid-back pace, but the same old-school feel of sheer boom bap pleasure. Get it in your bags and get it on the dancefloors it deserves.

Murs, 9th Wonder & The Soul Council

'Night Shift '

Jamla Records

Has it really been 15 years since Murs & 9th Wonder's first collaboration 'The 9th Edition'? BLIMEY — their latest opus 'The Iliad Is Dead And The Odyssey Is Over' drops imminently, and we've been blessed with two preview tracks: this smooth-as-butter official single and the more reassuringly raucous 'Ga$ Station Gucci Belt'. This old-timer inevitably prefers the latter, but still can't resist this — Kash of The Soul Council, clearly heavily influenced by Q-Tip/Dilla (Ummah era) laces together silky piano and a luxuriantly warm beat/bass matrix that snags you from the off. Keep 'em peeled for the full-length.

Chris Orrick

'Out To Sea'

Mello Music Group

The title track from Orrick's stunning new LP for the ever-dependable MMG, and like the rest of the set, a track that refuses to stay still or stagnate lyrically, touching on trauma and torment but with a poetic freedom that can also launch you into imaginative joy. SIM produces, and weaves a gorgeous tropicalia spell, a thumping Latinate groove over which Orrick looks at the city he's trapped in, the beckoning ocean, the compass that's spinning and decides the only way out is UP. Orrick has found a way to replace the confidence most rappers assume they have to portray with a sense of personal and political uncertainty that really chimes right now. Check this out and dive into the album.

Your Old Droog

'Train Love'

Mongoloid Banks

Droog could have quite legitimately rested on the laurels he's earned from the astonishing 'It Wasn't Even Close' album this year, but his second project in as many months has just dropped, 'Transportation', and this is his chosen single from it. It's a track perfect for summer (well, not a British summer, but you know what I mean): heated, sun-struck, slightly dazed and lit up with love for the girl he spots across the carriage. As ever with Droog, you think you know the way the lyrical progression will work, but his metaphors and imagery pull you between specifics and daydreaminess in typically addictive style. His own best competition. Superb.