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Premiere: Gage 'Flags In The Rain'

Premiere: Gage 'Flags In The Rain'

DJ and producer Gage joins the roster at 2 B Real with a four-track ode to '90s dance. Hear the ethereal ambience and emotive synth work on B-side closer, 'Flags In The Rain'

Gage will release a new EP later this month.

UK-based DJ and producer Gage will join the roster on Finn's Manchester-based imprint, 2 B Real, with his ode to the rave, 'E Anthem'.

Joining the likes of Anz and Gerry Read on the label, Gage's four-track EP is described by 2 B Real as "a carefully crafted love letter to Kevin Saunderson and the raw utopianism of 1990s dance music".

From the unrelenting, hard drums of the title track, to the eerie percussion on 'Red Sky, Red Water', the producer takes the listener on a nostalgic journey, weaving through a spectrum of dancefloor-ready sounds.

'Flags In The Rain' closes the EP, conjuring ethereal ambience with a beatless production, while Gage continually layers emotive and colourful synth throughout.

Listen to 'Flags In The Rain' below, and pre-order the EP, which is out on the 24th January, here.

Press Photo: Tyler Ritchie