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Premiere: Calum Gunn 'Pins'

Premiere: Calum Gunn 'Pins'

Entr’acte affiliate Calum Gunn makes his debut on Central Processing Unit with 'Addenda'. Hear the industrial, grime-leaning synth stabs on 'Pins' now

Calum Gunn will make his debut on Central Processing Unit later this month.

The Scottish producer, who currently lives in Berlin, specialises in live performances through coding, computer music and web development, and runs computer-music label, Conditional Records. He joins the roster at Sheffield's CPU with four-track EP, 'Addenda', following releases on the likes of Baba Vanga, Entr’acte, and SM-LL. 

'Addenda', incoming on the 28th February in both digital and vinyl formats, signals a change in direction for Gunn, with a body of work that's club-ready, while retaining his avant-garde sonic style.

On the EP closer 'Pins', Gunn cranks up the tempo to 145bpm, creating industrial grime atmospherics, layered with synth-stabs and heavy reverb.

Listen to 'Pins' below, and pre-order 'Addenda' here.