We catch up with Iker Azcue after his trip to Las Vegas...

Tell us about your Miller SoundClash weekend – how was the Las Vegas experience?
I love meeting new people, so it was amazing getting to know the other DJs, production staff and executives. Everyone has a different story and background but after all we were all there for the music.

I was overwhelmed by the experience and the memories will be unforgettable. Vegas is awesome and the team made sure to take everything to the next level. I got to perform for one of the toughest crowds in the world in one of the capitals of EDM and electronic music and basically had a dream come true!

Did you get a good send off from your fans at home? 
I got amazing support, and felt it throughout the competition too. My fans know the struggle and effort to get here and so they wanted to be a part of it supporting me in every way possible especially through social media. I set out to make Mexico proud and bring some great stories back with me.

What’s their reaction been since you came off stage and on your success at Miller SoundClash?
I felt true support. Friends and fans where proud and happy I got to show off my music in Vegas and the live feed made them all part of the moment. I got to represent Mexico in the competition and reminded the world that my country has quality, potential and talent.

Work wise, I’ve been approached by different club owners and promoters to join their rosters and line-ups. I expect to return to Vegas and play in front of even bigger and more demanding crowds.

How did you feel about your performance? What do you think stood you out from the other finalists? 
I was ecstatic with my performance. I was just being me during the whole set, I focused on being true to my style whether I was going to win or lose. What I think made me stand out is that I played four full-original songs, three of which are still unreleased singles, and got great response from an unbiased crowd.

Furthermore, the rest of the tracks in my set were original mashups or private edits of mine that I felt made it original and unique. Last but not least, is the connection with the crowd; that human connection where you try your best to infuse the audience with your energy and passion and you let them know you love what you do and they feel it too. It’s that moment when you know you’ve linked and they will never forget.

How rare of an opportunity was this for you to come out and play to the Marquee Dayclub crowd?
One of my main goals as a producer and DJ was to play my own music in Vegas; I guess I underestimated myself as I achieved it way earlier than expected!

How do you think this experience and your signing with AfterCluv Dancelab will shape your future as a DJ?
The experience has been life changing and getting the back up and support from a global label like Aftercluv Dancelab will definitely give me a boost and lead me to greater things. Both platforms will prove to be very important in my future and I guess the rest is up to me.

How do you want to contribute to the future of dance music?
First I would like to make an impact on younger aspiring DJs and let them know there are many different roads to get yourself noticed and that you have to believe and remain true to yourself. In terms of music I look forward to connecting with an audience that likes my own style and sound. I want my music to reach worldwide notoriety and make people dance, smile and love.

What was your favourite Miller SoundClash moment?
Definitely the most memorable moment for me was when I was coming to the end of my set and I mixed in my closing track; I jumped on top of the DJ booth at Marquee Dayclub and shouted out to the crowd feeling euphoric.

The response was massive and I felt completely engaged with the crowd. Goose bumps! However, the trip overall was amazing. Making new friends, meeting top DJs from all over the world, getting advice and critics from top industry executives and hanging out with unique personalities and influencers made Vegas epic.