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Top 100 Clubs 2019: Analysing this year's key trends


Top 100 Clubs 2019: Analysing this year's key trends

Our annual Top 100 Clubs poll, powered by Miller Genuine Draft, is back for 2019. DJ Mag readers from around the world voted in their droves for their favourite dancefloor destinations, choosing Brazil's stunning Green Valley as their No.1 club. We analyse the key trends behind the results to determine what this year's ranking tells us about the state of our global club scene...

From the grittiest basement to the most polished party palace, we love clubs! Say what you want about five-day festivals with hundreds of headliners vying for your attention, the heart and soul of dance music is its club scene. That’s where the music comes to life; where people are squeezed in tight, dancing together in front of the best soundsystems on earth, sharing magical, communal moments, and making new friends and memories that can last a lifetime. 

And, it seems, you guys love them just as much as we do. This year, our annual Top 100 Clubs poll, powered by Miller Genuine Draft, has seen  more than 600,000 votes come in from all around the globe.  

So, what exactly has been going on in clubland this year? Well, scenes in North America and Asia have been on the rise once again, with four and six new entrants from each, respectively. 

The USA claims the most entries for one nation for the second year, with 12 clubs making it into the poll — that’s actually three less than last year, perhaps in part due to a slight decline in Las Vegas’ club scene. Sin City’s clubs again drop places and superstar DJs such as Calvin Harris have announced dates in Ibiza this summer after several years of near Nevada exclusivity.

But where Las Vegas’s dominance has waned, other scenes are on the rise. Clubs from an incredible 36 nations appear in the chart this year, up on last year’s 31. This change has been most noticeable in Latin America; though still dominated by the Brazilian scene (which drops from six to five entrants), there are two new countries from in the region this year: Chile and Argentina. Other newcomers are based in Ireland, Lebanon and Vietnam, demonstrating how global the poll has become.

Europe is still top in terms of continental clubbing (48 clubs overall), although down two entrants on 2018. The continent boasts a whopping 27 clubs rising up the poll, plus two new entries and three non-movers. Ibiza still can’t seem to make up its mind, with three up and three down. Now only a brace of White Isle venues have made it into the top 10, and for the first time in nine years, no Ibizan club is in the top two.

It’s all change in the UK and Germany, as both see new top-rated clubs in this year’s poll — each of them also entering the top 10 for the first time. In line with this the Asian club scene has continued to blow up this year, as represented by the region landing the most new entrants in the poll. In fact, 75% of charted Asian clubs are new or have risen places, indicating the continent’s flourishing popularity. 

What does all of this mean? Well, first and foremost — the global club scene is as strong as ever. Where some clubs fall, brand new ones take up the baton, sometimes in places you never knew had an electronic music scene. 

All over the world, DJs and ravers are coming together to party and spread the love — often in the face of challenging economic and social climates  — and that’s all we ever hoped for. 


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