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FFSYTHO, Sweetpea, lau.ra, Lulah Francs: April's artist charts


FFSYTHO, Sweetpea, lau.ra, Lulah Francs: April's artist charts

In DJ Mag's April charts, four artists a select their top 10 tracks of the month, spanning crazy hip-hop mashups, jungle pressure, propulsive house bangers and acid basslines


What 4’11” Northampton MC FFSYTHO lacks in stature, she more than makes up for in talent and ferocity. Her quickfire bars and vicious lyricism made her an instant hit when she first came through in late 2018 with her self-titled debut single, produced by grime legend Terror Danjah. A collab with P Money, ‘Bop Through Ya Manor’ followed and she’s got an EP with Olja Beats on the way, preceded by a hip-hop remix package from Southwest producer Jabru. Here’s 10 tracks she’s feeling right now.

01.  WizKid  ‘Essence (feat.Tems)’  Starboy Entertainment

“Probably my favourite song at the moment, the album is amazing too. It’s albums like this I can play without wanting to skip a track, and that’s rare for me. I think I’ll be stuck on this tune for a while. Timeless.”

02.  FFSYTHO ‘Ask About Me (Jabru Remix)’  For Fuck Sake Records

“Humble brag here but as a fan of him myself it was only right we dropped this one. The amazing Jabru remixed track five from my forthcoming EP with Olja Beats into this crazy hip-hop mashup which is totally different to the fast-paced grime I’m normally used to! I don’t usually play my own music out loud like that, but I like this one a lot — the beat is incredible and picks up throughout!”

03.  Leon Bridges  ‘Bad Bad News’  Columbia

“I’m really into all kinds of music and this one has both the smooth singing and some great funky jazz. It’s a pretty timeless gem if you ask me!”

04.  Pa Salieu  ‘My Family (feat. BackRoad Gee)’  Atlantic / Warner

“Whenever this one comes on in my playlist I swear I automatically screwface — it’s the beat for me mainly, but overall this tune makes me wanna jump in a mosh-pit or something! Whew!”

05.  Ghetts  ‘Good Hearts (feat. Aida Lae)’  Ghetts Limited / Warner

“Ghetts’ new album is absolute fire and an inspiration to all! The first few seconds into this track you can hear the legendary Mighty Moe from Heartless Crew, so I just knew straight off the bat it was going to be a vibe! I can’t stop playing it over and over. I’ll definitely be blasting this throughout the summer — banger!”

06.  Snoh Aalegra  ‘Nothing To Me’  ARTium / AWAL

“I’ve always been about my slow jams/R&B. The purity in her voice and the relatable lyrics; music like this good for the soul!”

07.  Genesis Elijah  ‘Man Made Monster’  Escape Route Music

“Absolute animal on this one. I can’t say I’ve heard anyone rap like this for along time; he’s always hard-hitting, on-point and stays on topic. Like Chip, this guy could never run out of bars! From start to finish I swear he barely even took a breath throughout the entire tune [laughs]! Always makes me want to get my pen out!!”

08.  Beyoncé  ‘Mood 4 Eva’  Parkwood / Columbia

“Man, I love Beyoncé’s music, especially when she drops it with Jay-Z, they always kill it. I play this tune when I’m getting ready or doing housework; it’s upbeat and a proper feelgood track!”

09.  KAYTRANADA  ‘Go DJ (feat. SiR)’  RCA Records

“To be honest, I’ve actually rinsed this entire album back to back, day to day since it came out — there’s a variety of vibes, but for me it’s this tune here, ‘GoDJ’. I don’t even drive but MAN this one makes me wish I did. Such a tune to cruise along to!”

10.  BJ The Chicago Kid ‘Get Away (feat. JID, Buddy & Kent Jamz)’ UMG 

“I only just discovered this guy in 2021 and the tune I refer to is off his album from 2019! The combination of singing and rap is right up my street."


London drum & bass DJ Sweetpea’s star continues to rise with her debut EP, ‘Undercover’, having just arrived on BCee’s revered Spearhead label. Featuring collabs with MC Chickaboo and Shady Novelle, the release follows several years building her catalogue across labels like Dispatch, Skeleton, Addictive Behaviour and Med School. Sweetpea is also a member of the EQ50 crew, working to empower underrepresented artists in d&b.

01.  Nectax  ‘Halogen’  Overview

“One of my favourite labels, and a producer I have been following for a while. Solid EP. Overview making moves in the scene, whilst still being relatively new. Big up Peter!”

02.  D’Cypher  ‘Floating’  Counterpoint

“All round murky dark goodness. D’Cypher’s production is always clean. I’ve been really feeling Counterpoint’s last few releases. Fire.”

03.  Sweetpea feat. Shady Novelle  ‘Undercover’  Spearhead

“Shady Novelle’s soulful smooth vocals MADE this track, one of my faves off my debut EP. Keep an eye for more Sweet x Shady collabs.”

04.  Taelimb  ‘The Crown (Sweetpea Remix)’  Demand

“My first official remix, coming soon. Demand is a label that shaped my style in the early days, it’s a privilege to have something coming out with them. A two-step feel to his original downtempo track ‘The Crown’.”

05.  Super Rush  ‘Pulsation’  Lost Recordings

“The Lost Recordings V/A LP is sick. It was hard to pick just one, lots of different vibes in there. Other fave tracks from Raybee and Draize. Another label that I have known for a while and it’s great to see them moving from strength to strength.”

06.  Xtrah  ‘Warn Dem’  Cyberfunk

“I love the fact that Cyberfunk release non-d&b as well; I have fallen in love with new dubstep producer Bidl. This track by Xtrah offers something different to the norm in d&b and I am all for that! Halftime-y hip-hop darkness.”


07.  Senpai  ‘Starfall’  Citate Forms

“I am a huge fan of halftime. Rolling bass and tribal dance kick-drums. Senpai have smashed this one! The other track ‘Wrong ID’ is wicked too — halftime step, full of synth stabs.”

08.  Threshold ‘The Caution’  Skeleton Recordings

“Sooooo nice to see Skeleton Recordings back! Who else does jungle better than the man Threshold! Amen goodness!”

09.  Tek 9 & Sonar Circle ‘Hypertrophy’  AKO Beatz

“AKO Beatz celebrates 25 years; I know there is fire waiting to be released from the camp this year. Jungle pressure from Tek 9 and Sonar Circle, both amazing producers in their own right.”

10.  Xenon  ‘Phantasm’ 36  Hertz Recordings 

“I have been following Xenon for a while now. Funky 160 beats guaranteed to get you moving. Makes me miss the club.”


Having seen considerable success as Femme in the 2010s, Laura Bettison launched her new project lau.ra in 2019 and has put out several collaborative singles since. Her latest, ‘Don’t Waste My Time’, features New Zealand’s JessB, and was “crafted from the minds and skill-sets of four women on a writing camp for female-identifying producers, writers and artists” in 2018. Looking forward to the potential return of clubbing this summer, lau.ra says: “Here’s the 10 tracks I’d like to hear when that glorious dancefloor moment finally arrives.”

01.  DJ Falcon & Thomas Bangalter  ‘Together’  Roulé Music

“Seems fitting, after learning earlier this year that we may never see Daft Punk tour again, as this was the track that featured in the encore of their Alive 2007 sets. An absolute classic.”

02.  Cassius  ‘Rock Non Stop’  Caroline

“Because we will all indeed be having a non-stop chuffing good time.”

03.  Layo & Bushwacka  ‘Let The Good Times Roll’  XL /Beggars

“A propulsive banger and I’m ready for it.”

04.  Fred again..  ‘Marea (We’ve Lost Dancing)’  again..Records

“Something new that I fell in love with instantly when I heard it. It perfectly captures a feeling of shedding the forlorn nothingness that most of us have felt for the past year in lockdown and rides out of the dark and into the light on that infectious euphoric synth motif. A 2021 release that has me hooked.”

05.  Kings Of Tomorrow feat. Julie McKnight  ‘Finally’  Distance Records / Believe

“I’m going to blast this so loud and lip-sync for my life on the first setback. An absolutely timeless vocal that lyricly couldn’t be more apt for the return of togetherness and a kiss goodbye to enforced isolation. FINALLY we’re back in the game.”

06.  lau.ra  ‘Wicked feat. Eliza Legzdina’  Needwant

“One of mine that I produced mid-Lockdown 1 and released at the end of 2020. A filthy, bass-y banger that I’m dying to play out in my sets and watch people do the Shamma Shake to.”

07.  Bicep  ‘Apricots’  Ninja Tune

“An anthem for the after-hours. What I wouldn’t give to drown in this at 5am in the dark of a heaving club. A 2020 release that I’d love to hear out of a club system.”

08.  The Chemical Brothers  ‘Let Forever Be’  EMI / UMG

“This track encapsulates summer fun for me. It sounds like drinking Vitamin D, and after the winter we’ve had I could do with a bit of that.”

09.  Donna Summer  ‘I Feel Love’  The Island Def Jam Music Group

“Can’t think of a better song to soundtrack that moment when the sun hits your face on an outdoor terrace, surrounded by friends with a drink in hand and this is blasting out of a massive soundsystem knowing that the worst is behind us.”

10.  Fatboy Slim  ‘Praise You’  Skint / BMG

“Because we have come a long, long way together and is there a more fitting lyric in a post-lockdown UK? No there isn’t. This is it.”

Lulah Francs

Having spent much of her childhood growing up in Ibiza, it seems preordained that Lulah Francs would become a house music obsessive and in turn a house music DJ. She’s spent the last few years building her name with gigs at Lovebox, Glasto and Wilderness festival and prior to lockdown launched her own night, sub:terra, alongside George Plant, focusing on the acid house sounds she adores. Also a producer and vocalist, keep your eyes peeled for original beats from Lulah coming soon.

01.  Danny Tenaglia  ‘Bottom Heavy’  Tribal

“I love using this steady, rolling track as a loop to beef up another track that I’ve got on the go. The South American-style percussion along with the deep house-style vocal snippet works in perfect harmony for me.”

02.  Vaggio  ‘Don’t You Want Some More’  Ovum

“That vocal! That delay effect! That drop at 2:35! Don’t you want some more? Um, YES! Yes I do, I’ll take the mostest!”

03.  G Club pres. Banda Sonora  ‘Guitarra G (Original Chill Out mix)’  Defected

“This track has next-level legendary track status for me. I’m pretty sure my mum has a framed picture of me dancing to this in my pants on a make-shift podium at our rental house in Ibiza, aged 5 — circa 2003. Standard.”

04.  Teddy Pendergrass  ‘Life Is A Song Worth Singing (Jamie Jones Remix)’  Legacy

“There are so many well-executed elements to this track: a classic ‘80s arpeggiated chord, a steady house 4/4 kick with a hi-hat on the off, an iconic Teddy Pendergrass vocal, and then, to top it all off, a perfectly placed string breakdown. Yes Jamie Jones!”

05.  Jody Finch  ‘Jack Your Big Booty (BHQ Acid Vocal)’  Let’s Pet Puppies

“Syncopation goals! Any track with the word ‘Jack’ in it is a yes from me. P.S. This acid bassline makes me twitch with excitement.”

06.  Hithouse  ‘Jack To The Sound Of The Underground’  ARS Records

“See what I mean about the ‘Jack’ thing? I absolutely cannot sit still whilst listening to this. The vocals are so meaty. I like.”

07.  Cajmere feat. Dajae  ‘Brighter Days’  Cajual

“Really? Need I say more about this absolute diamond? No, I thought not. Actually, I will say one thing; Honey Dijon dropped this at Pikes in a room of only about 100 people... it is and always will be one of the greatest moments of my life.”

08.  Souxsoul  ‘Remember Me (Soulmagic Radio Edit)’  Deeptown Music

“I was just starting to understand the house music hype, circa 2015 — I was 17. This reminds me of dewy sundowner moments at home in Ibiza. Bliss.”

09.  808 State  ‘Pacific-202’  ZTT

“This track is the perfect 6am closing set track; it’s so hectic yet so atmospheric at the same time. It’s so idiosyncratic and eccentric.”

10. DJ Pierre & Marshall Jefferson  ‘House Music’  Get Physical

“This was released by DJ Pierre and Marshall Jefferson, two of my all-time favourites. These two knock it out of the stratosphere with their productions.”