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XP For Mac Users

XP For Mac Users

Dance music producers pay attention: Windows XP is now available for Mac users, which should see the end of your software compatability problems.

This week Apple launched an application that may make software compatibility problems for their Mac producers a thing of the past.

Boot Camp is software now available in public beta (that's software that isn't finished yet but is available for testing), that lets Intel-based Mac computers run Windows XP.

What does that mean for Mac-based dance music producers?

"Now I can truly use just one system," says Mat Chrysdale, DJ and head of MuDe a production company from Toronto.

"Thanks to Boot Camp, I'll be able to run any required Windows-based application right off my Mac, thereby increasing my efficiency and eliminating the need to tediously transfer files and emails between my two systems".

On the other hand, Montreal's jojoflores, DJ and label boss of house label gotsoul Recordings, was not as enthusiastic: "I don't understand why anyone would choose to run an inferior operating system on superb machines", he quipped.

"And besides, who would be willing to risk his Mac to viruses and spyware that are typical of the PC world?".

This feeling was reflected at Apple's website which reads:

'Windows running on a Mac is like Windows running on a PC. That means it'll be subject to the same attacks that plague the Windows world. So be sure to keep it updated with the latest Microsoft Windows security fixes.'