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Exclusive wardrobe access

What are you wearing right now?
“I’m sat in a studio in New York, in between tour dates of Central and South America, with a Kenneth Cole v-neck t-shirt on that has an image of a painted cassette on it, and some Penguin jeans. Both items were given to me as presents. I’ve also got some Converse boots on that don’t go quite as high as the ones you get on the high street.”

How would you describe your style?
“I’m a mod through and through. I wouldn’t say I was as devoted as someone like Miles Kane with all the suits he has, but in terms of how I like the cuts of the clothing and the way I wear them, it’s my biggest influence, as well as the whole attitude of the movement. My dad was a mod so I grew up with it all around me, and I guess it’s my first source of inspiration, with the clothing and the music. Paul Weller was also an inspiration to me on both fronts for obvious reasons as a result, and he still looks totally cool to this day!”

Describe an outfit you remember from as far back into your childhood as possible…
“I used to insist on everything I was wearing being the same colour, with red usually being that colour. I had this turtle neck top and cords combo that got worn out everywhere from about the age of 5 onwards, with some white trainers with red bits on them, and of course red socks.”

Who is your favourite designer?
“Penguin for sure, because of their polo shirts and shirts, the fit just works for me, and I like the simplicity in the little extra detail they do on them, and I always have the top button done up, that is the mod way. My wardrobe is full of their clothing and to be honest I don’t often wear much else. Their jeans are a good slim cut and fit for me too so there’s about 4 or 5 pairs of those too as options.”

What is your most treasured item?
“I have a few items of jewelry that I wear on special occasions, a Swarovski ring that has this kind of cut out detail on it, and a pendant chain from Great Frog. Both were given to me as gifts by a special person and carry messages on them, I’m so scared to lose them I rarely take them with me when travelling.”

What are you currently working on?
“This year has been pretty full on with launching the Pure Intec 2 compilation back in April, then the events we did to support it at XOYO, Space, District4, Fabric and at Awakenings for ADE. All the while I’ve also been working on pushing Intec further forward and making sure we can take the next steps to support our artists even further. Then there is all the production work I’ve been doing in between, the current release that is out is on Etch called ‘Multiplexing and Interchange’, as well as a remix I did for Octopus by Arjun Vagale of a track called ‘Kempai’.”