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What You Wearing

What You Wearing

KoolWaters resident Marc Vedo gives us the lowdown on his wardrobe...

What are you wearing right now as we speak?

Dolce Gabbana jeans and a pink brazed top I picked up in Toronto.

Favourite designers / labels?

I would have to say Yves Saint Laurent. I love the stylish and sophisticated designs.

Favourite boutique / store?

There is a great little designer boutique in Montpellier, Cheltenham that stocks awesome men's clothes from some well known and emerging designers. They have a fantastic selection and it is always worth travelling there just for the shopping! As for Ibiza, Galy for Men, over in Bartolome de Rosello, is a mixed place that has a superb range. However, for a more casual attire I usually drop by a little place that deals solely in Desigual, the tees are my sort of thing!

How do you shop?

I do buy a lot of things online because it is so easy and I don't often have the time to shop and plus its great to mix the fashions. I always try and fit in a trip to the local shopping districts when playing aboard, as I love the changes in fashion from say Toronto to Tokyo - nobody does fashion statements like the Japanese, I love it!

Most treasured item... and why?

Hmm... I don�t really have a 'most treasured item', that said you would find it hard to part me from my leather jacket. Besides the jacket though I�ve never really been one for the bling bling items.

Favourite website?

Gotta be Facebook! I never really saw the attraction of those types of sites, but since joining I�m official addict. Found many old friends from past who I�ve not been in contact with for years.

Essential Ibiza item?

A boat�Mauro Picotto�s preferably!

What are you up to?

Got a packed diary with gigs in the UK alongside my weekly residency with in Ibiza with KoolWaters, I�ve also tour dates penned in for Canada, Brazil, New Zealand and Asia. Plus I�m really excited about 23rd June as I�m playing the legendary Glastonbury (get in!). Studio wise just finished two new singles, one with Mike Koglin (FiveAM Vibe) and one with Gareth Emery featuring vocals by Clare Canty.