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What You Wearing

What You Wearing

Louie Vega is also a master of fashion.

What are you wearing right now?

"One of my Vega fedora hats, which is my new line of hats designed by Kenny Hwang, Anane and yours truly. We have 10 different styles of fedoras and military hats for male and female. I'm also wearing jeans made by D-Squared, a Henley's T-shirt and a pair of Birkenstock sandals."

Favourite designers?

"D-Squared have the right fit for me and I can wear their clothes just about anywhere around the world to any gig. Their jeans are dope, tees and shirts are perfect and they even have this full jumper I just bought (a la pilot suit). "It's Diesel for everyday wear, they always come up with some nice gear. I've been a Diesel dude for years. Dolce & Gabbana when I want to look dapper for an event, they take a few pounds off my body somehow when I wear their clothes. Gotta love that! "True Religion for the best jeans, tees and hoodies and Alexander McQueen for sneakers, shirts and jackets - he's always on it!"

Favourite boutique?

"One of my favorite boutiques is Angels Of Love in Naples, they just opened up an amazing shop right in the centre of the city. They are always up on the hottest up-and-coming designers and carry the hottest clothes first. What I see there comes up later in six months. They are ahead of their time, have a great sense of what's new and predicting the next hit with the youngsters and fashionistas."

How do you like to shop?

"I usually shop when I'm traveling and with my wife Anane. She does most of the shopping at home for me and gets me clothes. Anane has an impeccable taste for clothing and a genuine sense of style. I trust her, everything she comes back with I end up wearing."

What are you up to?

"I've produced Anane's new album, 'Ananesworld', coming out January 2009. Look out for her, she's got it! Grammy material! "I'm also producing a new Elements of Life album right now and it will debut live in Miami at the Winter Music Conference in March 2009, with a release and tour to follow. The first single, entitled 'Into My Life (You Brought The Sunshine)' featuring Lisa Fischer, Cindy Mizelle and Anane, with lyrics by Blaze, is coming on Vega Records this month. "And I'm working on my Vega Project. Last single 'New York City' did so well that Johnny Dangerous and I got back together to create 'London Roots'. This project is based on cities that inspire me. We've done Bahia, Ponce, Miami Beach, New York City and coming in November will be London!"