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What You Wearing

What You Wearing

D Ramirez isn't a slave to fashion but he does like to wear black...

What are you wearing right now?

"At the moment I'm working in the studio wearing a pair of obligatory G Star tight fitting black denim jeans. I have a nice, black V neck jersey I found in a store in Covent Garden with a black shirt from H & M. I like black."

Favourite designers / labels?

"My favourite designer is without a doubt Vivienne Westwood as I love couture and she always makes something which I can wear both formally and in the club while DJing. I also like DSquared, Diesel, G Star and Galliano (when I'm feeling flush) but I also like to wear simple stuff from the likes of H&M and Zara the saviours of high street fashion."

Favourite, shop/boutique/store?

"I live in Sheffield and my favorite shop was without doubt Brother to Brother as they stocked Westwood, amongst others but now that's closed I have to travel to Manchester, London and Leeds for my clothes. American Apparel is always a favorite and I love the G Star shops for daywear."

How do you shop? Online / often?

"I like the whole experience of going to the store and trying the clothes on so I never ever shop online. I love to browse around, get somebody to pull out all the new gear and dress me up. As far as how often I would do it, every day if I could and sometimes do. I have to say I'm a complete shopaholic and very dangerous with the old plastic."

Most treasured possession and why?

"I have a Vivienne Westwood full-length winter coat in tweed which cost me an absolute fortune. I can only wear it when it's really cold as it's so bloody big. Needless to say it doesn't come out very often but I love it nevertheless."

What are you up to?

"I'm currently writing a D.Ramirez artist album which I'm aiming to get done in a few months. After that I plan to take the live show on the road and tour over the summer (if the album's ready, I'm a slow worker) I'm also doing a few club tracks which I'll be releasing on my label Slave and I'm touring every weekend around the world with my DJ sets."