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Vauxhall Revolution

The newly refurbished Studio 33 (formerly known as the Chunnel Club) could hold the key to the future of Vauxhall's nightlife.

There's no doubt about it.

Much of South London is generally grottier and less affluent than the rest of London.

But for dance music in Vauxhall, this has been a good thing.

Like bacteria at the bottom of a cesspit, promoters and DJs here have thrived in the less hospitable environment because of cheaper rent and less interference by local authorities.

However, due to a lack of long-term investment, clubs in Vauxhall aren't the prettiest of venues.

This has meant clubbers here are much more into their music than they are into their fashion - Vauxhall is good for raving.

Studio 33

All that could change with the re-launch of Studio 33.

Formerly known as the Chunnel Club, this venue based under the arches of the railway line that links London to the South East has had a £2 million refurbishment.

Club manager Ian Morgan explains that the new Studio 33 represents something of a nightlife renaissance for Vauxhall.

"For years hard house and Sunday gay clubs have dominated the nightlife of this area," he says whilst demonstrating the deafening potential of the newly installed 25 K sound system in the 'Purple Room' (one of two main rooms).

"So we decided to try and do something a bit more upmarket and give punters in this area a quality venue, without losing the underground musical edge that Vauxhall is so famous for."

The refurbishment has seen a new courtyard terrace built out front, complete with foliage and outdoor heaters, new sound systems (there's an 18k rig in the 'Crystal Room' too), and improved lighting and decoration throughout.

Vauxhall - Studio 33
"It's been a slog, but the feedback so far has been pretty good," says Ian.

"With the re-launch, we've also changed our musical policy to reflect the new venue.

"This used to be mainly an urban and garage venue, but now we're promoting high quality, underground dance music nights on the weekends, something that hasn't really been attempted on this scale in Vauxhall before."

New Music Policy

Fridays at Studio 33 is the key to the club's new lease of life.

On August 26 DirtyFunkySexy will be taking the next step on the promotion ladder.

With the launch of a weekly event Studio's three rooms will be taken over by up and coming London promoters with backgrounds in different genres, in a bid to attract a wider, and more varied clubbing clientele.

On the first Friday of the month, the Ninja Cowboys, under the guidance of Cozzy D, Johnny Mikes, and Mark Storie, will be hosting the 'Purple Room', bringing in chunky house guest DJs such as Underwater's Paul Jackson, and Dutch jock Martijn Ten Velden.

Simultaneously, on the first Friday of the month in the 'Crystal Room', Jack City will host electro and tech house DJs.

Vauxhall - Studio 33
Vauxhall - Studio 33
On September 2nd, Secretsundaze's head honcho Giles Smith is headlining in this room alongside Geddes, promoter and resident of Mulletover.

Both DJs promote and play at some of London's best underground house nights.


"It's all about mixing up different styles of house music, to give punters more choice," says Ian.

The only permanent musical fixture of Studio 33 will be in the lounge.

Every week, funky, soulful house provided by the DirtyFunkySexy crew will soundtrack the mezzanine-styled bar. Live saxophones and bongos will be a staple too.

"Funky house is perfect for bars, and in Studio 33 we take our drinking very seriously," jokes Ian.

Of course, Vauxhall won't be transformed overnight by the emergence of a new Studio 33.

But a new club, with a new attitude can only be a good thing for the area.