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Top 100 DJs Poll eBay Cheat Scam Exposed

Top 100 DJs Poll eBay Cheat Scam Exposed

DJ Mag hits back against attempts to discredit the poll


Last week, on Wednesday 26th July, it was brought to DJ Mag's attention that a posting on eBay Italy was claiming to be selling votes in the annual Top 100 DJs poll. This was posted in Italy by somebody trying to discredit the poll, and is no longer active as a live auction bid.

DJ Mag believes that this fake eBay posting was probably done by the same group of people responsible for the video last year that claimed to expose how people could cheat in the poll.

“I view this simply as an attempt to discredit the poll,” said Martin Carvell, Managing Director of DJ Mag. “DJ Mag takes the issue of cheating in the Top 100 DJs poll very seriously. As the guardians of the biggest poll in dance music, we do all we can to eliminate cheating in the poll so as to make this the most authoritative snapshot of a DJ's popularity and visibility at any one time.”

“Although there were no bids made, there was also nothing to suggest that the person behind the scheme would be able to provide the service he or she was advertising.”

By looking at the back end of the voting system, it's easy to spot who has been cheating. We are currently investigating a number of DJs with a succession of fraudulent votes, and will be making an announcement on this in due course.

There are a number of DJs that have been caught cheating, and DJ Mag will be naming and shaming them by the end of this week.