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Strength in Numbers

Strength in Numbers

Glasgow club launches new label

De La Soul might once have sung: “Three, that’s the magic number.” But for Glasgow’s ironically named Numbers crew, it’s a trinity that hasn’t proved quite so holy. This month sees the DJ collective and club night fold their labels Wireblock, Dress 2 Sweat and Stuffrecords, to re-emerge under a new eponymous umbrella.

“The main reason is that we’re best pals but we were asking the same people for demos for our different labels,” explains Jackmaster, previously head of Dress 2 Sweat and part of Wireblock. “The club was also doing really well so we decided to focus everything. Speaking to journalists was getting really confusing. It used to confuse me sometimes!”

Jackmaster joins brothers Calum and Neil Morton, Number’s resident DJ Goodhand, and designer Adam Roger, who along with Neil also works for Warp, at the new label, which is set to build on widespread acclaim for their previous output of everything from B-More and glitchy dubstep to techno.

“We never make any decisions without consulting everyone,” says Jackmaster about their set up, adding that as well as releasing established acts, Numbers is committed to welcoming previously unreleased talent into the family.

The first EP, due at the start of November, comes from Low Limit and Lando Cal.

“It’s kind of electronic, like slow Ed Banger but not at all rocky. After that, we’ve got something by Redinho. He’s a really talented musician who does mad talk box stuff and tons of different genres. Then there’s Taz Buckfaster who’s only about 20.”

With further releases from DJ Pierre and Ghosts On Tape, guest spots from Bristol to Berlin, and even a night starting out in Japan, Numbers is on the up. And for anyone still confused about exactly who they are, a new website, as well as mixes and a blog, promise a full history of the newly streamlined club.