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Stream Marc Romboy and Ken Ishii LP, 'Taiyo', in full

Coming from completely different walks of life, prolific Berlin-based tech-house pioneer Marc Romboy has teamed with Japanese techno producer and game scorer Ken Ishii to develop an intriguing debut collaboration album.

'Taiyo' (out 8th February) follows from the taster collaboration EP, released last year on Romboy's Systematic Recordings under the same name, this latest effort has taken the vision a giant leap further.

The title 'Taiyo' is Japanese for sun and the album delivers a sound that is as awakening and refreshing as an early sunrise yet stretches to the darker ominous sounds of the ending sunset.

Romboy and Ishii both present different styles yet the collaboration matches them completely. Album opener 'Gosa' works the trademark thunder bass of Romboy yet peppered chiming highs and flitting synths of the notorious trance inspired techno of Ishii's Japan.

The atmospheric mellow soundtracks found in 'Helium' and 'Suisie' have Ishii all over them, classic coming up rave classics with long drawn builds mirrored by rich creamy lulls. Celebrating the two of the most diverse scenes in techno, 'Taiyo' is already getting tipped as one of the most intense listens of 2013. Take a listen below and see if you agree...