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Smoking Ban Reaction

Smoking Ban Reaction gathers a bunch of dance music industry bigwigs, DJs, and clubbers to discuss how the smoking ban will affect clubland from summer 2007.

MPs recently voted by a huge margin to ban smoking from all pubs and clubs in England.

Health Secretary Patricia Hewitt said the change, expected to come into force in summer 2007, would "save thousands of people's lives".

But many in the nightlife industry are worried that the ban will discourage people from going out and it will have a negative effect on clubland.

With smokers forced outside, will the ban ruin the free-thinking, liberal atmosphere that makes clubbing fun? asks some dance music industry bigwigs and clubbers what they think of the smoking ban.
Smoking Ban 2007

Clubland Reaction

"Personally I'm overjoyed that the smoking ban has happened. Coming home smelling like an ashtray has always been the one solitary thing that I didn't like about DJing.

"From a club perspective, based on the smoking bans in New York State, California and Ireland, clubland will suffer slightly in the first three to six months, but will then return 100% to normal as if nothing has happened once people accept that they can't smoke anywhere."
Judge Jules, BBC Radio 1 DJ

"It'll be great for clubland. At least when the ban comes into force there won't be any more wasters burning me with their fags. I've got five fag burns on my right hand at the moment, and they could be permanent scars."
Rene Ruokonen, DJmag reader

"I think the smoking ban should be viewed as a positive thing to be honest. If nothing, it should help the 'social smokers' give up and the hardcore smokers cut down. Admittedly, I like to wash down a beer with a fag, but this new law will hopefully change people's opinions for the better.

"As a venue we will have to adapt to the changes, and ban smoking. But, will people stop going to clubs because they can't smoke? Probably not. Cluband's survived worst things than that."
Paul Stix, Turnmills

Smoking Ban 2007

Will people stop going to clubs because of the smoking ban? Probably not, clubland's survived worse things than that

Paul Stix, Turnmills
Smoking Ban 2007
"It's another law to comply with and abide by. It's most welcome. Anyone mentioning 'nanny state' or 'invasion of civil liberties' wants their heads checked."
Nick Doherty, Fabric

"Smoking doesn't really bother me in clubs, but in restaurants the ban is welcome. I guess it's just a case of 'suck it and see'. But with no smokers in the club, we're going to have to use a lot more of the smoke machine
otherwise the lasers won't work!"
James Algate, Godskitchen

"The smoking ban has already been in place for about a year in Italy where I come from, and it hasn't affected our club scene. When I want a cigarette, I just sneak onto the dancefloor. If I get caught, they just tell me to put it out."
Ilenia Sbrana, DJmag reader

Smoking Ban 2007
"Because of the unique design of Ministry of Sound this venue has the luxury of an external courtyard area that will in time for the ruling to be implemented, be transformed into a comfortable relaxed smoking area. So it may be a little awkward for the customer but will not really affect our business"
Spokesperson, Ministry Of Sound.

"UK clubs will have to follow what those in NY have done – they'll need more outdoor heated areas. I'm a smoker, but still think a ban is good for
everyone as clubbers and DJs will be
Aaron Ross, BBC 1xtra DJ

"As this law will not come into effect for some time it is too early for us to gage what the ramifications the smoking ban will have on AKA & The End. However, when the ban does come into effect we will adhere to whatever guidelines have been laid out by the law."
Spokesperson, The End