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Sex Drums Rock 'n' Rave

Sex Drums Rock 'n' Rave

Glowsticks at the ready: Resist are about to drop the first volume in a new series of compilations.

Entitled 'Sex Drums, Rock 'N' Rave' - out 30th July - which of course focuses on the nu-rave, rocked-up dance music currently dominating the dancefloors of the nation.

Resist are known for their quality collections, with clued-up tracklists and comps such as the 'Bugged Out Presents…' series, and their latest excursion is no exception. Featuring some of the hottest nu-rave names like The Gossip, MSTRKRFT, Paul Epworth's Phones project and Riton, there are also appearances from brand new names like Dead Disco, Goose and the tipped Passions.

Slightly more unusual is the decision to join the dots between old skool hardcore rave and the nu-rave scene, with the inclusion of classic old cuts like 'Stakker Humanoid' by Stakker (an early Future Sound of London pseudonym) and Altern8's 'Evapor8'. Despite being completely different, the energy of the modern tracks seems to flow perfectly into the rave anthems, making for an exhilarating shot in the arm of a mix. Well worth investigating!