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Guy Gerber starts new event concept and label

At DJ Mag HQ we've been hearing rumours about Guy Gerber. Rumours that the Supplement Facts boss is starting a new label and events concept, called Rumors — is there any truth in these Rumors rumours? Or is it still just rumours?

“Well, the rumours about Rumors aren’t just rumours,” says Guy Gerber, when we catch up with him. “Although one must ask himself, 'What are rumours?'” he adds, mysteriously. “The thing about rumours is that it takes a minute to start one, and a lifetime to stop.”

We're none the wiser really after this brief exchange, so press Guy a bit more. “Hopefully the rumours about me opening a new label starting with a track called 'No Distance' by Dixon and myself will also be very difficult to stop,” says Guy, confirming that this first release will come with a remix by Lake People.

As well as a label, Rumors will also be a club night. Let's see if we can get any info out of Guy about that... “There have been whispers that maybe, but only maybe, Rumors will also be a party in Ibiza at an unknown venue, and it will have a market before it and we are going to be the first one to sell mezcal on the island…” says Guy. “Who knows?"

Starting to get a bit more factual now, Guy also confirms that he's bringing his Wisdom of the Glove nights back to Ibiza this summer, and that he's also started a residency at Story in Miami and will have another one soon in New York.

We start riffing about more rumours. Does he like Fleetwood Mac's album 'Rumours'? “I like it a lot but I‘m more attached to Alice Cooper’s 'Vicious Rumors' because his make-up fucking rocks.”

What's the most disturbing rumour you've heard back about yourself? “I heard I’m really, really, really good in bed,” Guy replies. “Some people have been saying it, and it is absolutely outrageous. And the worst thing about it? It's been guys hearing it from girls.”

OK, so are there any other rumours you want to start? “Seth Troxler has three nipples and he has to use Photoshop in all of his press photos in order to maintain this athletic figure,” Guy says. “But then again, it might only be rumours.”