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Robot dance!

Robot dance!

DJmag chats to My Favourite Robot ahead of their London debut at Supernature

Few labels truly balance coolness with ultimate credibility, fulfill a dedication to crate-digging geekery while attracting admiration from demure, slicker-than-slick hipsters. Toronto’s My Favourite Robot – run by three Canadian DJ/producers, James Teej, Jared Simms and Voytek Korab – is one that definitely does. Formed in Montreal in 2003 by Jared and Voytek (it moved in 2008) to put out the sort of dance music an emotionally developed android would get down to, it specializes in supplying deep house, techno and digitally manufactured disco to DJs with a penchant for high-end dancefloor music. Made famous among discerning clubbers and subterranean music-lovers worldwide by the trio's own material, Teej’s solo stuff, records by Michael J Collins, Murphy Jax, Kenny Glasgow and remixes by Maher Daniel, Paul Lorraine and Droog & Inxec in recent years, 2012 is destined to extend the label’s run of success to even dizzier heights. But before that, MFR still have to see out this year, with music from Art Department, Chloe and Massimiliano Pagliara still to drop. They will also debut one of their backward-glancing, forward-thinking DJ sets in London at Corsica Studios on bonfire night (5th November) at a party hosted by Audiofly’s Supernature imprint alongside Catz N Dogz, Alex Niggeman, Alex Jones and Tom Demac (live), so we caught up with Jared and James to hear their thoughts… 

Hey guys, how's My Favorite Robot?

James: “We're doing great. 2011 has been a super year.”

Jared: “Yah man, agreed. This has been the year we've been able to get the most humans to trust us.”

How's the label going? What delectable cyborgian treats can we expect in the coming month or so?

Jared: “The label has been going very well. It's really an exciting time to see our base of support grow and it’s been amazing to add a bunch of new artists to our MFR family. We have some huge releases planned for the end of 2011, which include some dope original music and remixes from Art Department, Chloe, Massimiliano Pagliara, and more!”

James: “2012 is going to be killer as we’ve recently signed records from Alex Jones, Tim Paris, Sid LeRock, plus a new project from Jori Hulkkonen to mention but a few.”

Are you looking forward to playing at the Supernature party at Corsica?

James: “Yes, it’s great to be finally debuting the MFR project in one of my favorite cities to play and to be in such good company, really make this event that much more special.”

Jared: “We’ve all been long time fans of Audiofly as well as Alex Jones and the Hypercolour massive so it’s great to be counted amongst them for this party!”

Why do you enjoy playing in London?

Jared: “Well it’s actually my first opportunity to play in London, so I’m quite excited seeing as British music has always been a huge influence on my tastes. Super stoked to pop my cherry on Saturday night!”

James: “London has always been a special place for me to play, having been the first European city I got to visit. I’ve been fortunate enough to play at Fabric a few times but I’m very excited to be playing in London this time as My Favorite Robot.”

What can we expect you to play?

James: “Our sets tend to be very much in line with the type of music we put out on our label.”

Jared: “You can expect anything from classic deep house and electro, to discofied new wave, to Detroit flavored techno. Our sets tend to be a little less linear than most DJs because no matter whether it’s Teej and I or with Voytek in the mix, we typically play back to back which keeps us on our toes.”

James: “Or in your case on your heals (laughs).”

Jared: “Nice one Teej. You’re hilarious!”

Yes, truly brilliant. So will your set differ when you play in London?

James: No, not really. We have a vibe that we like to create with our music, it sets the tone and that tends to work everywhere!”

What sounds are you feeling at the moment - dusting anything off, into anything new?

Jared: “Well, we are dusting quite a few things off these days. Truthfully, we find that in today’s scene, one of the ways to differentiate yourself is to look back as much as you look forward.”

James: “For us, it’s not about new or old, its about a certain level of quality in the track’s musicality and that it has a certain something that allows it to stand out from the crowd.”

Got a top tune tip for us?

Jared: “Alex Jones’s remix of ‘Complex Situation’ on Clouded Vision is an absolute bomb!”

James: “Totally agree with that one, I guess for me Maceo Plex’s upcoming track 'Under The Sheets' on No.19 is simply massive.”

Absolutely, Jared, it’s a tune. Thanks for talking to us, guys. See you at Corsica!

Words: Adam Saville

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