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Pioneer’s Rekordbox has become to the go-to software for CDJ users who prefer to play their files back from USB and SD card. By analysing, preparing, labeling and playlisting your music in advance, Rekordbox allows DJs to forget about the admin side of performing and get on with the task at hand. Version three of the free software launched last month, and with a new interface and a tonne of new features, we thought it was a good idea to get you up to speed with Pioneer’s latest update.  

In this video, Point Blank head DJ tutor Ben Bristow looks at adjusting the Grid using Rekordbox 3.0 – making sure your loop points, cue points and track markers are all lined up accurately. If you want to come and learn more about Rekordbox and DJing from Ben and our other DJ tutors, click here to learn more about our DJ courses in London. Our DJ rooms are kitted out with all the latest Pioneer equipment including CDJ-2000 Nexus and DJM-2000 Nexus, as well as RMX-1000s and 500s and much more.  

Every student has their own workstation to learn on and as well as being taught beatmatching, mixing and cueing you’ll also get the chance to road-test the latest Pioneer prototypes and get your mixes heard on Pioneer DJ Radio. Click here to get involved