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Psy-trance Expands

Psy-trance Expands

The psy-trance phenomenon shows no sign of slowing down: caught up with the organiser of the massive Sonica festival in Italy.

Sonica Festival Italy
The second annual Sonica Festival in Italy takes place 21st - 24th July

Sonica Festival Italy
Sonica Festival is one of Europe's most important psychedelic events

Sonica Festival Italy
British psychedelic rock act Ozric Tentacles are headlining Sonica

Sonica Festival Italy

Sonica Festival Italy

Sonica Festival Italy

Words: Terry Church

Psy-trance is a true dance music phenomenon having slowly risen to become one of the world's biggest scenes despite it being very much an underground movement.

With the second annual Sonica psy-trance festival set to sizzle from the 21st – 24th July next to Lake Bolsena in Italy, caught up with festival organiser Gino Pesce.

1. What's the current state of the European psy-trance scene?

"The European psy-trance scene is now big and every summer there are a lot of festivals happening everywhere.

"We at Sonica, have been going to parties from the beginning, and decided last year that it was time to have a proper trance festival in Italy.

"With Sonica we have a dream to bring back trance to its roots as it is a gathering of friends in one of the most beautiful spots of Italy.

"We have been working a lot putting all of our energies into it for three years now to make this dream come true."

2. Why is psy-trance so popular?

"Well that's a good question.It's getting more popular because it's not just a fashion symbol or a night of fun, but a proper lifestyle.

"The reason why it is getting so popular is because it came from the underground techno scene, which has lot of political and social ideas, to become a way to be together without any "deep" involvement.

"Simply, it's about having fun and being in contact with Nature and the music.

"That's why it all started on the beaches of Goa, Thailand and Bali, and became so strong in places like Brazil, where Nature and dancing are a big part of the daily life.

"Another reason is probably that trance, especially now, contains elements of many genres of techno and electronic music... It became a kind of fusion between many styles and that surely makes it interesting to many people."

3. Who are the biggest psy DJs?

"The biggest names at the moment are producers and DJs like Infected Mushroom, Astrix, Gms, Joti Sidhu, Silicon Sound.

"There are also a lot of good progressive trance artist like Jaia, Antix, SonKite, Atmos.

"The biggest and best known DJs are Edoardo, Dimitri, Shane Gobi, Ans and Antaro.

"At the moment our favourite music is coming out on Neurobiotic Records, and all their artists will be all playing at Sonica."

4. Why should UK clubbers come to Sonica?

"We can give you a lot of reasons - the magic people, the lovely venue, the awesome sound system, the Italian food.

"But mainly because we know that British people have got a special taste for good music - we love proper 'avin it British dancers, and we are sure they love us also!"

5. Is there any political/social reasoning behind your festival?

"There's no political reasons behind Sonica, but maybe something social.

"Our aim is to bring to Italy a little shot of what we call 'multi-coloured culture' formed by people from all over the world, dancing, having fun and meeting each other with the common interest of music and travelling!

"Showing that concepts such 'peace' and 'positive globalisation' are more than possible."

Sonica Festival, Lake Bolsena, Italy: 21st – 24th July 2006

Sonica is considered one of Europe's most important psychedelic events, and this year it features seven main arenas and some of the world's biggest psy-trance DJs and live acts.

Leading UK psychedelic rock band Ozric Tentacles are headlining the 21st – 24th July event at Lake Bolsena, Italy, with a special performance.


Allaby, Altom, Atmos, Bamboo Forest, Beckers, Dino Psaras, Etnica, Even 11, Freq, Frequncy Surfer, Jaia, Joti, Orion, Panick, Prometheus, Protoculture, PTX, Shanti, Silicon Sound, Space Cat, Space Tribe, Ticon, Tikal, Tristan, Wizzy Noize Wrecked Machines, Yage, Zen Mechanics.


Ans, Dimitri, D-Now, Edoardo, Gino, Josko, Kaio, M45, Mack, Marco, Marchello, Meko, Peter Didjital, Shane Gobi, Tommy, Marcello Vor, XP Voodoo.


Eat Static, OTT, Gaudi, Antonio Testa, Cell, Mauxim, Tripswitch, Aes Dana, Neil Perch (Zion Train) Solar Fields, Huva Network, Carbon Based Lifeforms, Sync 24, Greg Hunter, Mod Deluxe / Nagual Sound Experiement, Trotter, Phuture Primative, Chilled C'quence, Scene, LA Situazione, Nick Interchill, Nathalie Interchill, Nova, Vincent Villuis Aesdana, Mahiane Ultimae, Justin Chaos, DJ Soneca, Liquid James, Palo Polcari, Aliji, Simon Baring, Dubuddha Vs Madelena, Zizou, Naked Nick, Jay-Om, DJ Rob, Kala Production

Nearest Airports: Fiumicino – Leonardo Da Vinci or Ciampino (both international)

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