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One stop plug-in shop from Loopmasters

These days, when it comes to making, producing or mastering music it is all about plug-ins, with few if any studios in the world doing things the old-fashioned way. This new way of doing things in the studio has not escaped the attention of Loopmasters who have created the Plug In Boutique, a website that is all about plug-ins and getting them into studios of all sizes and budgets across the planet.

The Plug In Boutique will be of massive interest to anyone who is involved in making music because Loopmasters have managed to create a website that allows musicians to keep up-to-date on all of the latest plug-ins as well as useful older plug-ins they might have missed. In addition to an incredibly informative and well-laid-out shop section, the Plug In Boutique also has sections covering news and reviews, a blog with tutorials and a section devoted solely to free plug-ins.

The way the website has been designed and put together is fantastic, Loopmasters have managed to pack loads of information together in such a way that it is easy to use and fast to find anything in particular one might be looking for.

The shop section of Plug In Boutique allows users to browse for plug-ins in a variety of ways, such as by software company, PC or Mac plug-ins or by various formats such as VST, AU or TDM to name a few. Instrument plug-ins can be browsed as a complete collection or by type of instrument, such as drum machine or synths.

The effects section of the Plug In Boutique breaks down the types of effects into a huge range of choices, giving no less than 37 examples of plug-in types to choose from, ranging from Filters to Randomisers and everything in-between. Both the instrument and effects sections have charts for their Bestsellers and Top Rated plug-ins that provide a summary of the features, the ratings, the price and a screenshot of the user interface of the plug-in.

Plug In Boutique provides each plug-in with its own product page with a large image of the plug-in along with a very detailed description of the features on offer. Also included on this page are detailed installation instructions along with screen shots to ensure a hassle-free experience when it comes to loading up the software. Ratings of each plug-in based on sound quality, value for money, ease of use, features and presets are complimented by suggestions of alternative products that do a similar job.

The news and reviews section of the Plug In Boutique provides a great resource for finding information on a huge amount of plug-ins, with reviews from many different internet sources all in one place, which makes comparing products a breeze. Links to their latest blog spot articles such as special offers and tutorials further compliment the usefulness of this section and the website in general.

Loopmasters have managed to put together something much more than an online store to buy plug-ins. Living up to its name, the Plug In Boutique is a highly specialised website that has a huge array of plug-ins on offer for sale, as well as giving away plenty of high quality plug-ins for free. In addition to being a great online store the wealth of information that can be accessed both via the individual plug-in detail pages and the news and reviews sections makes the Plug In Boutique one of the best places on the internet to find out anything related to plug-ins and producing in general. Producers, engineers and musicians should take note — and the next time they need something plug-in-related, point their browsers to the website to see for themselves what this little boutique can offer.


Build quality9.0
Ease of use8.0
Value for money8.0
Sound QualityN/A


A new way to buy plug-ins in all formats and computer platforms, along with news, reviews and information.


Downloads of trial versions and free plug-ins require an account to be created and users to be logged in.


Loopmasters have created the ultimate plug-in resource where it is possible to find information and buy plug-ins as well as download a huge range of high quality free plug-ins.