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One Eyed Jacks duo dish out podcast

No better way to raise money for charity than with a series of wicked parties, so Oxjam has spread itself even further this year.

On Saturday 19th October, over six London venues — The Prince Of Wales (POW), The White Horse, Upstairs @ The Ritzy, Effra Social, Kaff Bar and The Windmill — Cooly G, Severino, DJ Food, Rita Mai and My Panda Shall Fly will pledge their party support to Oxfam's mini-fest — and that's just at POW, the most impressive line-up of the lot.

It's also where Portugal-via-Peckham duo Photonz will play one of their everything-in-the-pot DJ sets characterised by dark, acidic Latino flavoured house, techno and disco.

The force behind the One Eye Jacks imprint, the pair have laid down cuts onto Unknown To The Unknown while receiving props from the likes of Optimo, Daniel Avery and Justin Robertson.

To prep people for Saturday, they've brewed up a storming, propane fueled mix of their own material alongside stuff on their label, plus tunes on Snuff Trax, Robsoul and Kaos Records, rounded off with a delicious remix from Daphni.

Listen and download the mix below and get a £10 ticket covering all the events here.


01. Pal+ - Africa Eyes (One Eyed Jacks)
02. Chicago Skyway - Air /95 Version (Eargasmic)

03. Roundhouse Kick - Stupendous / Live at Europa (One Eyed Jacks)

04. R-Zone 07 - Subatomi (R-Zone)

05. Violet - Night Song (Snuff Trax)

06. Photonz - Rye Lane (Hot Haus Recs)

07. Christian Piers - Nukke 5two2 (Source Unknown)
08. DJ Jiggy - Step One / DJ Vibe Mix (Kaos Records)

09. Pegasus - Air / Innershades Remix (High Sheen)
10. Lake Haze - Rush Hour (One Eyed Jacks)
11. Jade Cox - Trailin' (Robsoul)

12. Sabre - Ghetto Prophet

13. Fokus Group - Mucky Crack Funk (Pennyroyal)

14. Lords of Midnite - Drown in Ur Love (Unknown To The Unknown)

15. Photonz - Watch The Tone (One Eyed Jacks)

16. VOIRON - RN12 / Pal+ Remix (One Eyed Jacks)

17. Ursa's Reef - My Emotion (One Eyed Jacks)

18. Violet - Miami / Ursa's Reef Trance Edit (One Eyed Jacks)

19. Infestus - Hypnotrance (One Eyed Jacks)

20. Dj Jiggy - Zibulanga / Mata-Hari Mix (Kaos Records)

21. Photonz - 1551 (Unknown To The Unknown)

22. Francis Bebey - Forest Whistle / Daphni Edit (Born Bad)