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Out of the Shade

Out of the Shade

Booka Shade ahead of Brighton's Great Escape Festival

Needing little (or no) introduction, Frankfurt duo Booka Shade, Walter Merziger and Arno Kammermeier, have been setting techno and house standards since they dropped cheesy synth pop to set up Get Physical Records alongside DJ T and M.A.N.D.Y in 2002. Ahead of their headline dance slot at Brighton's Great Escape Festival on 12th May (Corn Exchage), we exchange a few words... 

Hi guys, are you going to be airing any new material at your Great Escape show in Brighton in May?

Walter: "We´re just about to finish the mixes for our new album and we´re very much looking forward to playing some new and unreleased material live. In the last 6 months we mainly did DJ shows, which helped to check out those songs that have club feel.

"At the live shows we now have the opportunity to play those songs which call for the big live stage."

Are you looking forward to playing at the event?

Arno: "Very much so!  Due to the album production we haven’t played a lot of concerts in Europe in the last year and a half.  We did a five week tour in the US last year and a tour in south America, so we needed a break and to concentrate on finding a new approach to our music, something that fascinates us and gets us going.

"Now that it´s done and the album is finished, we can´t wait to get on a live stage again."

Do you play a different set if you're playing in a club, as opposed to more of a conventional concert venue, like the Corn Exchange in Brighton is?

Walter: "Not really. Songs like "Night Falls" or "Body Language" seem to have a feel which works both in a small club and on a festival stage. We don´t think that music necessarily has to be more banging just because you have to catch the attention of a large audience. It´s more the atmosphere and energy of the songs that count. Not the biggest bass drum."

Who else are you going to check out in Brighton?

Arno: "I haven´t checked out the line up yet, but there are loads of non-dance acts I believe, so I will be exciting to see some new acts."

What else have you been doing recently?

Walter: "You mean apart from ruining our health and nerves in months and months of studio production? I have built a house with a new studio area. That’s wasn´t very relaxing either, as you can imagine!

"The DJ shows are a nice welcomed change from the album production, in the last 12 months we've been to Australia (Big Day Out) for DJ shows, South America and some spots in Europe which are difficult for us to reach with the live show."

Anything else you want to tell DJ Mag readers?

Arno: "Looking forward to seeing all of you at our live shows!"