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The New Hotness

The moment has arrived for Ecler to raise the curtain and reveal their highly anticipated hybrid digital DJ mixer!

Ecler have really stepped up their game, the EVO5 represents a major technology advancement for their well respected range of DJ mixers. It's aimed at forward thinking DJs who are embracing the digital music revolution, and are looking for the next wave of technology to satisfy their needs.

The EVO5 is not short of style, and Ecler have called on the services of award winning design house, Giugiaro to add their special touch to the display and interface, balancing clarity and ergonomics through simplicity.

Inside the casing lurks a four-channel mixer, 12 channel sound card, Midi controller and a juicy dual FX processor.

The signal path is digital throughout, this affords some tasty new features such as user editable EQ styles and fader curves.

The three-band EQ section can be totally tailored to suit the club or individual, with selectable frequencies and gain amounts ranging all the way down to total kill.

Both channel faders and cross-faders can be adjusted independently for different response, these settings are stored within the software for recall.

Full points to Ecler for considering the Mic channel properly. Not only does it have the custom three-band EQ, but it's also kitted it up with a pair of dedicated FX in the shape of a noise gate and a compressor. Vocals will sound better naturally.

In-house engineers will no doubt appreciate the built in limiter, whose settings can be adjusted, and then locked in place using a password, sneaky stuff.

Street prices could be as low as £999, there's no doubt that it will be the source of much craving when it hits in October, but can we wait that long!

Price: £999 - £1299 TBC
Released: OCT 2007
Contact: / 01622 873 378