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Neighbourhood Downsizing

Neighbourhood Downsizing

West London club Neighbourhood now has a smaller, more intimate space inside the venue called Soundbooth.

Neighbourhood Soundbooth
Neighbourhood's Soundbooth is smaller and more intimate
Neighbourhood Soundbooth
The owners of west London club Neighbourhood have created a separate, smaller space inside the venue that they hope will provide a more intimate atmosphere for music events.

Called Soundbooth, the 250-350 capacity space was designed by Julian Fullalove and Ben Brett (DJmag guesses they're some fancy interior designers) and is effectively a mini-version of Neighbourhood.

Soundbooth is roughly one third the size of Neighbourhood, with access to the upstairs balcony restricted.

Specially selected drapes, lighting and visuals have been used to make the space feel more intimate.

Although it sounds like Neighbourhood have just blocked off parts of the club with curtains, they insist it looks and feels totally different to the original Neighbourhood.

The new space launched on Thursday 11 May with a new monthly garage night called Boombox, hosted by Kiss 100 DJ Swerve.

The aim of the new night is to provide quality garage without all the attitude and violence that's often associated with the genre.