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Even Brobots cry, what song pulls at Junior's heartstrings?

Junior Sanchez has one steadfast mission in life – to produce uplifting house and bring that same spirit to his live DJ sets. And Junior never skips a beat in his calculated approach to the art of mixing and creating sounds that are pleasing on the ear and the aura. 

As the Brobot label head gears up for a new collab with with Kaz James titled, "Underground Police," along with stunning lyrics from Vick Knightly (set for release May 19), as well as an Ibiza-bound summer where Junior has residencies at Café Ole' and Pacha Mondays' for Ibiza Rocks House, it’s no wonder this Brobot is feeling lucky… 

What is the track that really sums up your childhood?
Urban Soul – “Alright” is the track that holds a soft spot in my heart. As a teenager I would dance to this record nonstop with my friends and go to Unique Boutique in NYC and stand outside and dance till it they closed and it was time to hit some clubs. Amazing song… I love Roland Clark's talent and voice.

What’s the first record that you ever bought?
I bought a lot of records - some I wont mention - as a kid, but the first house record I bought and recall bringing it with me to school and actually having it in my locker for fear of someone stealing it or loosing it. 

What’s the most embarrassing record in your collection?
Most embarrassing I would say maybe a T99 or 2 Unlimited 12inch or something of the sort, lol.

What’s the track that’s guaranteed to make you cry?
I have such a soft spot and love and admiration for Kate Bush and when I hear this song, I def start tearing. It's haunting as it is beautiful! Its a magical record and I love it!

What’s an album that you’re currently into?

In rotation in my car at the moment is Chrvches debut album The Bones Of What You Believe, is a treasure.  Love the production, the writing, the band, they are all super cool and they’re making music that stands the test of time! Hands down a tremendous album! I had the honor and pleasure to remix one of their singles "Tether", here u go…

What’s the most valuable record in your collection?
I'm not sure that the most valuable is. I have so many that invaluable to me practically priceless. I have an early Kraftwerk Record on Vertigo Records, which is a gem and hard to find!

What’s your favorite track of all-time?
That's probably the hardest question for any DJ/producer/record collector , But if I had to pick a favorite house track right now,  I would say in memory of Frankie Knuckles who just passed away and left us way to early, and he was one of the dearest most genuine human being I’ve ever had the pleasure of knowing.