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Check out a mix from electronic rule breakers Allez Allez...

Literally translated from the French, Allez Allez is 'go, go!': a perfect moniker for the DJ tag-team of Sam Willis and Steve Nolan, whose hip-wiggling eclectic techno sets mix an astral, tripped-out Krautrock edge with the kind of raw dancefloor rhythms that will keep your feet hopping on the dancefloor while your head's in the clouds. That's because the London-based pair don't do it like everyone else. Building a steadily growing word-of-mouth following, thanks in part to the cult website www.allez-allez.co.uk - regularly updated with their decidedly different, downloadable podcast mixes - Allez Allez have an iconoclastic vision that ignores the pervasive dancefloor trends.

With their tastes running the gamut from the latest techno cuts on labels like Kompakt and Playhouse to original post punk, the proto-house beats of Chris and Cosey, the zonked eclectica of Panda Bear and everywhere in between, Allez Allez DJ both together and separately, bringing their remarkably diverse tastes together to create an intoxicating and otherworldly musical miasma: one minute irresistibly funky, the next star-gazing into infinity.

"It's all about creating a feeling of excitement and energy," Willis asserted. "Every time we get on the decks it has to be the best set we've ever done. We're both pretty hyperactive in our tastes, ping-ponging through techno, Krautrock, disco and post punk."

This fresh outlook has brought them to the attentions of other mavericks like Ewan Pearson, Four Tet, Samim and Hot Chip, who've all contributed their own, no-holds-barred mixes to the website.

"Making mixes for the website is a lot of fun," Willis observed. "It's a completely no-pressure environment that means you can take more risks. I think this has been what has attracted a lot of the guest contributors such as Ewan Pearson or Optimo in that they can put together a selection of music like they would do for their friends rather than a set that they would play at peak time in Fabric."

Allez Allez also run their own club night, which has recently featured such luminaries as Nathan Fake, Gui Boratto, Michael Mayer, and Pilooski's D-I-R-T-Y Soundsystem. Willis reckoned that part of the night's appeal was the duo's refusal to compromise their style.

"When we play out, we want to make an impression first and foremost. I can't think of anything more boring than just trotting out some musical clichés to get my ego rubbed up by a load of gurning fashionistas," Willis bristled. "I think too many people allow themselves to be dictated to in terms of what music they play, whereas to us, it seems to be the most obvious thing to simply play the best music." They've also made the move into production, with Willis's remixes of Nathan Fake, James Yorkston and an EP for Kickboxer already in the bag; and with their first official mix compilation due to drop soon on Lo Recordings, it's all go for Allez Allez! Check out a mix from the guys here