The Squatters are giving away their new future house anthem 'Afterhours'

The Squatters are a production duo from the north of England with a... distinct sense of humour. Having started out making tech-house and underground dance music, they decided the music had become too serious for them and have now started to make some absolutely banging future house. With tracks absolutely full of their wacky yet wonderful personality, we're pretty certain these guys are going to be ones to watch in the future. Have a listen and download 'Afterhours' below, and then read our interview with the boys...

How did you two guys meet/hook-up?
"We both ran events at seaside towns with names OLI-P & ALI-P and a friend hooked us up when MySpace was good! The rest is history... There is some unconfirmed information floating about on the internet that we met on a dating site but this is fictional."  

Why are you called Squatters? Have you ever squatted? 
"We got our name from staying on sofas and floors in-between gigs, and this regular occurrence led to us being known as 'The Squatters' by one guy. Our aim would always be to try our best to stay over at randoms’ houses — it saved us fuel and many miles, as we lived in Scarborough on the east coast of nowhere!" 

What are you trying to do in music?
"We are trying to do what we have always done — make music which makes us feel funny inside and know that there will be some good lemon faces on the dancefloor when the track drops! We are who we are, we make what we make, and if people love it, then that’s a bonus!"  

You have some funny videos — why is this angle important to you?
"We are just ourselves, years ago we were 'trying' to be cool tech house DJs with full-on seriousness. Then we woke up one day and realised there's too little time in life and so much fun to be had in the music industry, so why not be ourselves? DJs are entertainers, right? We might dress funny and make silly videos but our music is always at a professional level." 

Anything else you wanna tell DJ Mag readers? 
"A little story for DJ Mag readers... True story too! We once made a track and got asked by our friends if they could remix it, so we sent the parts over for the track and for a laugh we put the Tarzan sound effect in and totally forgot about it. Then we never released it until Champion Records (Faithless/Sandy B/Dido etc) wanted to sign it. As part of the signing they ran a remix competition where they received thousands of entries to vote for, and for the life of us we couldn’t work our why there was a Tarzan sound in it — that is, until the penny dropped!