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D-Edge boss Renato Ratier drops debut EP, plus prizes to be won!

D-Edge legend Renato Ratier is slicker than your average DJ-cum-producer-cum-club owner. Not afraid to switch it up, this Brazilian pioneers’ reputation proceeds him. Not only has he been an integral back bone to clubs D-Edge and Warung for many years but is also responsible for filling the venues with the earthiest of underground sounds and coveted new talent.

17 years deep and a mammoth club play portfolio as a DJ himself, prayers have been answered and he’s finally exercised his creative ear, to discover his own trademark sound. The debut EP ‘Soul Machine’ forthcoming on D-Edge Records (naturally), embodies a surplus of welcome styles and sounds. From punk to Brazilian he draws on influence from a wealth of avenues including the Chicago school of house, electro, techno, disco, and more. Already it’s evident from his mature and intelligent approach to sound that his years of rubbing shoulders in DJ’s booths alongside the world's finest has taken its toll; in a remarkable way!

The music speaks for itself and in volumes. Take the title track ‘Soul Machine Master’. Kicking off with the EP with a steamy, deep roller with substance, it harks back to the good ole days spent in our Roller Derbys and on the soul train. Airy spells with sheen of disco funk, just to take the edge off; lots of party potential.

‘Old factory’ offers something more enticing, coercing you in from the get-go of that throbbing bass line, its a chest clincher with a healthy dose of dub. For sure, it’s harder and warehouse worthy with choppy Star Trek synths and a few cheeky sci-fi samples. Unnerving edge-of-seat stuff. The last, ‘Play for me’, embodies a menagerie worth of native sounds and myriad instrumentals. Quirky, staccato quick paced funk command your feet to march, parade-like.

Both the EP and the label reflect the lesser spotted, more subterranean side to Brazil's club scene, but good things come to those who wait and this man's making waves!

Stream the EP below and to win D-Edge prizes (CD, T-shirt, hat + free entry to the club's events worldwide for a year) send the name of the city in which the venue is based to competition@djmag.com...

Words: Charlie Tisma