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DJmag Winner's Diary

DJmag Winner's Diary

Ex-Coventry and Manchester City footballer Peter Bodak won our competition to win a holiday for two in Jakarta and Singapore. This is his winner's diary...

The boys with Charlie Chester and Dave Piccioni

Peter Bodak's Far East Clubbing Diary

Ex-Coventry and Manchester City footballer Peter Bodak won our competition to win a holiday for two in Jakarta and Singapore. He brought along his friend, fellow ex-pro Gary Shaw – this is his winner's diary…

Wednesday 1st February

Arrive at Heathrow Terminal 3 with my mate Gary to meet up with Ben and Dan from the magazine.

Get to know each other over a few beers while watching the football at the pub in the departure lounge and catch our flight to Singapore and then Jakarta.

Arrive early the following evening.

Thursday 2nd February

After a quick shower we're taken out by one of the guys from Vertigo, a club on the 17th floor of a skyscraper.

We all marvel at the huge glass windows overlooking Jakarta and the wine bottle staircase and murder a few beers on the lower lounge.

Walk upstairs and look at the dance room which is heaving with beaver, then return to the lounge to replace some more lost fluids.

Later we are taken out for a meal at a local restaurant, which unusually has people sleeping on the floor of the toilets while you try and have a wee.

Friday 3rd February

Meet up with an old footballer friend Peter Withe who scored the winner in the '82 European Cup final for Villa and swap a few old football stories by the pool.

Me and my mate Gary then return to the hotel and realise we've had too much sun and look like we've been Tango'd.

Later that evening we then return to the club Vertigo where we have a great night which culminates with me throwing a few shapes on the dancefloor after a skinful of beer – and realising that I look like Bambi on ice.

Saturday 4th February

Fly early afternoon from Jakarta to Singapore and book into the lovely Novotel right in the middle of Singapore.

After a quick snooze we're taken out for a meal by the promoter and a 'few' drinks at a bar right on the water's edge – a great setting.

He then takes us up to his club Attica, which is mobbed by every kind of nationality and has a brilliant atmosphere.

Retire to bed at about 5am to recharge the batteries.

Sunday 5th February

Up at about midday with my mate to do a bit of shopping and marvel at how clean and what a vibrating city Singapore is. Visit the famous Raffles Hotel for a few Singapore Slings and arrange to meet back up with Gary at Hooters on the waterfront at 6pm so I can go off and do some more shopping.

Arrive at Hooters where we demolish three pitchers of beer while admiring the waitresses and wishing we could stay a few more days in this buzzing metropolis.

We then meet up with Ben and Dan for the long flight home.

On reflection a great clubbing holiday with super company and a trip to remember for a long time.