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DJ Weekly Podcast

14: Chrissy Murderbot

Pigeonholing an artist needn’t be restrictive, especially if that pigeonhole is ‘juke-rave-jungle-disco-tropical-hi-NRG-gangsta-dancehall-ghetto-garage-core’ as is the case with Chicago’s Chrissy Murderbot.

A master of all things up-tempo and energetic, he’s been DJing since 1995, travelling the globe, producing and running Sleazetone Records, as well as embarking on the ambitious project of mixtape-a-week music blog, My Year of Mixtapes.

His podcast unites the transatlantic homes of bass, flitting between the juke of DJ Rashad and DJ Spinn, and UK pioneers like Night Slug’s Girl Unit. Now, let me see your booty bounce.

DJ Weekly Podcast 14: Chrissy Murderbot by djmag

1. Hanuman - Bola (Sleazetone)
2. Top Cat vs. DJ Champion - Special Request Motherboard (Dubbel Dutch Blend) (unreleased)
3. Baobinga & Killa Benz - Wine Up (Atki2 Remix) (Steak House)
4. Doc Daneeka - Bumblebeeriddim (Pattern)
5. Natalie Storm & Footsteps - Play Di Ting (The Heatwave Refix) (Heatwave)
6. Chrissy Murderbot & MC Zulu - The Vibe Is So Right (unreleased)
7. Lil Silva - A Million (Night Slugs)
8. Kanji Kinetic - Thrill Seeka (forthcoming Sleazetone)
9. Simtek - Masking Tape (forthcoming Sleazetone)
10. Pirate Soundsystem - Dub N U (The Squire of Gothos Remix) (Heavy Warper)
11. Chrissy Murderbot/Sleazetone Party Trax #1 - I Need U Now (Sleazetone)
12. The Mike Delinquent Project - Stampede (Spoilt Rotten)
13. Girl Unit - Temple Keys (Night Slugs)
14. Johnny Moog - Dope Love (Chrissy Murderbot Remix) (forthcoming Palms Out Sounds)
15. Chrissy Murderbot & Young Live - The Call of Booty (unreleased)
16. Chrissy Murderbot & Rubi Dan - New Juke Swing (unreleased)
17. Chrissy Murderbot & DJ Spinn - Bussin Down (unreleased)
18. DJ Godfather - Get Down Lil Mama (Juke Trax)
19. Waxmaster - Get Down Big Dummy (unreleased)
20. Chrissy Murderbot & DJ Neema - Get Down Mr. Whiskers (unreleased)
21. Waxmaster - Jump Down! (forthcoming Ghettophiles)
22. Mungo's Hi-Fi & Warrior Queen - Good Lookin Bwoy (Chrissy Murderbot Remix) (unreleased)
23. Delorean - Real Love (Chrissy Murderbot Remix) (True Panther)
24. L.E.P. / Bogus Boys - Chicago Nigga (unreleased)
25. DJ Spinn - Fall Back (forthcoming Sleazetone)
26. DJ Rashad - 10 On Da Cush (unreleased)
27. Chrissy Murderbot - Break U Off (unreleased)
28. DJ Spinn - U Don't Need (forthcoming Sleazetone)
29. Lemonade - Remain in Jah (Chrissy Murderbot Remix) (True Panther)
30. DJ Rashad - Back Dat Ass Up (unreleased)
31. Raziek f. Spaaz, Jiddy Vybzz, Bunk, & Faktiss - Identité Nationale (Booty Call)
32. Chrissy Murderbot - Pop That Shit (unreleased)