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Audio Technica ATH-M50s headphones

As well as being a solo artist & songwriter, I also produce all my music by myself, so like any producer I need a good pair of headphones. There does seem to be a lot of hype about the Audio Technica ATH-M50s but in my mind there is no doubt that they definitely live up to it.

They let me hear exactly where everything is in the mix, the sound quality is by far the best I have heard amongst other headphones and the frequency response is incredibly accurate. The bass is deep but not overpowering, which is great when making R'n'B beats. The mids are rich and well balanced, opening up new sounds in tracks that you might not hear in other headphones. As for the highs, they are pristine with no sibilance, allowing me to hear pianos, drums and percussion (which are the core of most of my songs) perfectly.

Although these monitoring headphones are intended for mixing in the studio, I take them everywhere with me as I can't bear to listen to music on anything else! They are insanely durable, have great sound isolation, and above all very comfortable on my ears. I live in my ATH-M50's, and couldn't live without them!