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Focusrite's Forte

“Focusrite’s Forte is ideal for those producers like me who are always on the road, have deadlines to finish and cannot wait to get back into the studio to complete their projects. With the Forte, I can travel and record instruments when and wherever I please just by plugging in.

The overall system is simple and produces high quality recordings. Due to the Forte being small and portable, I carry it with me at all times to ensure I am prepared for any recording opportunities with the advantage of high quality sounds.

“Other than recording advantages, the Forte also produces around 9dB of extra volume, so sound levels are more controllable and peaking can be avoided. Thismakes it ideal for festivals and gigs. I also find that the Forte is very convenient to record audio at short notice due to its simplicity and quality.

“As well as using the Forte when I am out and about, this device is very useful within my home studio set-up as it also contains a powerful soundcard and five different inputs compatible with different microphones.

“Overall the Forte is an excellent bit of kit and is an essential tool for artists looking to record high quality audio with great convenience and control. Something I definitely can’t live without.”