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60 secs with...Valentino Kanzyani

60 secs with...Valentino Kanzyani

DJmag.com grabbed 60 seconds with Slovenian techno DJ Valentino Kanzyani.

Who the hell is Valentino Kanzyani?
I am a fanatic of electronic music, and a DJ from Slovenia.

So you must be mates with that Slovenian DJ, Umek?
Yep, since 1993. We've been buddies since we first played a gig together in a legendary club that's still running, called K4. It was a Wednesday and the night was called, rather embarrassingly, Rave Land.

Are you a techno fiend like Umek?
Yes, techno, techno, techno, and minimal!

What do you think of all this minimal malarkey?
We all are fashion victims, I guess, with me in pole position.

valentino kanzyani
Shagging groupies is all part of a DJ's job says Valentino Kanzyani
But your new 'Rock The Discotheque' mix CD also has a lot of electro on it…
That's how it is these days, and it's refreshing to be honest after the recent tribal and funky techno onslaught. But it has the same meaning at the end of the day, which is to make people smile and have fun on the dancefloor.

Your DJ sets are pretty banging. Do you ever see yourself slowing down as you get older?
I've been slowing down since 1991. I used to be hardcore back in the day - 180 bpms, baby! Anything after that just sounds like a lullaby.

You dress like a rock star - have you ever shagged a groupie or trashed a hotel room?
Of course, I have. It's part of my job.

What's the best thing about being a jetsetting DJ?
Travelling, meeting new people and learning new shit all the time. It's like being a permanent tourist.

There must be some bad points?
Well, missing gigs because a plane is delayed is a real bummer.

You've had some releases on Carl Cox's label, Intec. What's it like being mates with the big man?
He is a true inspiration. The man breathes and eats music all day long.

Where do you see your DJ career going next?
I'm probably going to develop a live set.